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Ring Sizing - How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Ring Sizing

You’re ready to pop the question to your partner and you’re looking into finding the perfect engagement rings to present to her – but do you know her ring size?

It’s important to know the size before purchase; depending on the hardness of the metal and the complexity of the stone setting, re-sizing rings can be troublesome and expensive. In some cases it may even be impossible. In the worst case scenario, H Samuel can save the day with an exchange.

However it can be quite disappointing for her if she can’t show her ring off to her friends and family because you’ve had to send it back to be exchanged or re-sized. It’s best to avoid all the hassle and find out her ring size prior to purchasing her engagement ring to ensure a perfect proposal with a perfect fitting ring.

Finding out her finger size secretly may not be so easy – here’s a guide with various discreet ideas for getting her ring size.

Ask friends or family

This is one of the best options - ask her friends or family to ask her out on a casual shopping trip, where they can walk into a jewellers and try on rings ‘for fun.’ Tell her friends to enquire about their ring size and it’s likely to spark her attention as she’ll want to know hers too (if she doesn’t know it already!) so they can pass on the message to you. To her this will just be a fun day out with her friends, so it’s unlikely to raise suspicion.

Grab another ring

Print out our ring size chart (100 percent to scale) and borrow a ring she wears on her ring finger, when she’s taken it off for the night or when she’s in the shower.

If she wears the ring daily and will notice it missing, lay the ring size chart on a flat surface and line up the inside of the ring with the correspondingly sized circle to get her size. Or get a piece of paper and carefully draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring, ensure you put the ring back and take the piece of paper to a jeweller.

If it’s a ring she doesn’t wear daily, carefully borrow it and take it to a jeweller, where they can give you an approximate ring size using a ring stick.

Alternatively, try the ring on to see where it sits on your own finger so you can be indirect. It’s important to compare a ring that she wears on her left hand. Humans are imperfect, and our fingers can be different sizes on different hands.

Tie the knot (literally)

Wrapping a piece of string around her finger and tying a knot or bow, can help you find out her ring size. This will be easy to do if she’s a heavy sleeper – but avoid using a thread that stretches!

Key points to remember

  • The ring should be a comfortable fit – not too loose that it will fall off, but needs to fit over the knuckle.
  • The time of day and different weather conditions can affect finger size. Fingers tend to be smaller first thing in the morning and some peoples fingers can expand in the heat or when pregnant.
  • In the UK and Ireland, sizes typically run between A-Z
  • Commonly, women’s sizes are between L to P (although they could be smaller or larger)
  • Size devotes the circumference of the ring

Ultimately, it’s not the end of the world if the ring isn’t a perfect fit. Many rings, depending on the stone setting, can be sized up or down one size. Just remember that integrity and quality can be lost the more you resize it and bear in mind that some metal types such as titanium or tungsten are a lot more difficult to resize.

If you’re really in doubt, consider a promise ring or proposal ring that could include a gemstone or cubic zirconia – this way you can surprise her with the proposal and a beautiful ring she can treasure forever, but allow her to choose her actual engagement ring for herself.

Alternatively you can compromise on the surprise element and take her to the jewellery store to choose together. You can always plan this as a wonderful surprise. Even if she knows its coming, she’ll still be swept off her feet by the way you choose to propose.

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