Steer Him in the Right Direction

Shopping Guidance. Steering him in the right direction

Now, no one wants to be pushy or force a change in a relationship. Even if he wants to surprise you – and that happens for about half of engaged couples – you can do some groundwork so it's absolutely perfect for you both.

If you and your partner are committed and have been together for a while, the next natural step is getting engaged! It might be time to think about pointing your partner in the direction of the ring you want.

Social media to the rescue

We use it to announce we're dating, show off photos of our special weekends away and to let everyone in on life's most special moments. So why not let social media help you encourage your partner to take that next step?

How about a Pinterest board to show him your dream ring. Once he knows what your preferences are, shopping for the perfect ring won't be nearly as intimidating. 'Like' your favourite jewellers on Facebook, and Instagram shots of your friends wedding plans and engagement ring. Without a word you can give him a wealth of clues to get him started.

Digital clues

If you think he's getting ready to propose give him some helpful clues. You could send him this quiz to help and empower him by getting him thinking about you and your style. He can then explore the rest of the information available here to get him on track with making the right choice.

Out and About

Try a spot of window shopping. Whatever the purpose of your shopping trip, try and steer your route past a jeweller's window. Help him feel mentally prepared by easing him into jewellery shopping by doing a bit of casual browsing through the window. Even if it's to look at something less intimidating like a diamond necklace, he'll start to see the different metal options and how diamonds sparkle and shine.

Point out the metal you prefer and your style i.e. modern or traditional. It's an easy approach to starting the conversation and hinting at whether you would prefer diamonds or coloured gemstones on your engagement ring. Make sure you talk to the sales person as a familiar face may help him to go back at a later date.

See How Your Friends Did It

Spend time with other couples, especially those who are recently engaged or married, and ask questions about their approach. A relaxed conversation about weddings and honeymoons could prompt a wealth of opportunity to share your ideas in a natural way.

Talk about what you do or don't like about her engagement ring or point out how it's so cool that they have matching wedding bands – if he's already considering it, he'll pay attention!

Plan Something Romantic

A lot of guys want to propose, but feel like they have to do it in some amazing, romantic way – the ultimate, spectacular surprise. Maybe a weekend at a place that holds special meaning for you, or somewhere romantic you've always wanted to go. It might make it the perfect time to pop the question as he'll know it will be amazingly romantic and memorable.

All of these suggestions will help to ease the pressure he'll feel to make the perfect proposal when he's ready to pop the question!