Shopping Guidance - Engagement Rings Guide

Shopping Guidance

Shopping for an engagement ring can be tricky and you may be worried that she won’t like it or he doesn’t quite understand your style, so we’ve set up a guide to steer him in the right direction! If you’d rather shop together, we have some tips on how to be helpful and make it the perfect shopping experience.

Shopping Guidance. Shopping Together

Shopping Together

It may take the surprise element away, but many couples shop for an engagement ring together, which can be much easier than attempting it on your own!
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Shopping Guidance. Steer Him in the Right Direction

Steer Him in the Right Direction

If you and your partner have been committed for a while, it might be time to think about pointing them in the direction of the engagement ring you want.
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Shopping Guidance. Setting the Budget

Setting the Budget

With different salaries, expenses and priorities, setting the budget for engagement rings is completely dependent on your lifestyle and personal choice.
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Shopping Guidance. If She Doesn't Like the Ring

If She Doesn't Like The Ring...

Don’t panic if she doesn’t like the engagement ring you’ve presented to her, here’s how to handle the situation with style and grace.
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