Ring Style. Engagement ring style guide

Engagement Ring Style Guide

While an engagement ring is a symbol of your love, don’t forget that it’s a piece of jewellery that she will wear every day for the rest of her life. Before you start worrying yourself about the complexity of diamonds, start at the beginning and explore the style of ring that you think she’ll adore.

Once you pick her style, whether its classic, modern, vintage inspired or fashion forward, it will narrow down your choices but leave you with enough options to choose from.

Classic Styles

If her favourite jacket is her trench/mac coat, and she dreams of being married in a princess style, white or ivory wedding dress, it’s likely she favours tradition and would like a classic engagement ring. Perfectly tailored, with little fuss, a brilliant-round diamond set in a simple gold band would make a stunning addition to her classic wardrobe. The number of claws that hold the diamond can vary, but for the ultimate classic look, choose a four-claw setting.

Three stone diamond engagement rings are a brilliant choice for the classic fiancé, featuring three matching diamonds, set horizontally in a row sometimes with a big centred diamond. The three stones symbolise your past, present and future, which is ideal for those who appreciate sentiment.

Modern Styles

Modern engagement rings break free from the style constraints of the past, often celebrating minimalism and using different, innovative materials. For example recently developed argentium silver is becoming increasingly popular.

Bridal sets are another modern approach that is increasing in popularity. Featuring a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band in one beautiful set, this style is well worth considering for your modern, future fiancé.

Alternatively, modern designs may also steer away from classic white diamonds in favour of coloured diamonds and gemstones to suit her unique personality.

Vintage Styles

A true vintage ring must be over or at least one hundred years old, but don’t worry about trying to find an antique ring, you can get the vintage look and probably have more sparkly diamonds and stronger metals as well!

Art Deco, Victorian and Etruscan are a few popular vintage styles for you to choose from and some characteristics you might come across in vintage style rings are millgrain detailing (strings of tiny metal beading around the edges), a diamond halo around the centre stone, floral engraving and pavé diamond settings.

Art Deco style was considered modern in the 1920’s and 30’s and was characterised by bright, bold colours, geometric shapes and lavish embellishment. When shopping for her ring, think elaborate but balanced. Designs featuring rubies, sapphire and emeralds were particularly popular at the time, which is an option to keep in mind.

Larger diamonds were a thing of rarity in Victorian times so you may find many clustered diamond rings, or coloured stones and large pearls surrounded by small diamonds in Victorian styled rings.

You’ll recognise Etruscan style engagement rings, which are based on style from the ancient Italian civilisation. Etruscan style jewellery has a smooth gold surface which is patterned with a lace-like filigree pattern or patterns composed of tiny granules of gold. Tending to be thick, the bands intricate metal and stonework makes them stand out.

Vintage engagement rings make a statement in their own right, so it’s important that you know her particular style. Get it right, and these rings are sure to impress as a romantic choice.


Celebrity inspired, fashion forward rings should take your mind to the red carpet, with all the unique styles of glitz and glamour. Styles of this kind can be classic of course, but usually they’re big and bold, couture style rings that make a statement. Going for an elaborate, celebrity style does not necessarily mean you have to spend your life savings; we’re not talking 10 carat diamonds here, so don’t panic.

The ring can be a statement piece by showing an edge of creativity. Coloured diamonds are wonderfully different and one of the most interesting fashion trends for engagement rings. A beautifully chic style to consider is a large featuring ruby or sapphire stones, surrounded by a circle of smaller white stones. You can choose any metal band, bearing in mind that yellow gold is more suited to warmer skin tones. Rose gold is a gorgeous metal that suits all skin tones and is finding its way back into latest fashion trends. Paired with a coloured diamond, rose gold is sure to wow your trendy fiancé-to-be.