Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring Styles

Ring Style

There are so many sensational style options available within our extensive collection that you can feel spoilt for choice. Terms such as ‘claw’, ‘pavé settings’ and ‘princess cut’ diamonds may be unfamiliar. Or you might be unsure whether to consider coloured gemstones. That’s why these guides outline all the options to empower you with expert knowledge.

Engagement Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring Style Guide

Classic, modern, vintage or fashion-forward – what’s her authentic style? Let us guide you through all the options with some expert advice.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings

Let’s be honest, settings can get pretty technical with so many terms to understand. So let us whizz you through the different options as simply as possible – because the proper setting for your engagement ring can make all the difference.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Coloured Engagement Rings

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Coloured gemstones are a stunning way of making a real style statement – they’re uniquely expressive, dazzlingly vivid and increasingly voguish.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Bridal Sets

Considering an Engagement Ring With a Matching Band

Matching an engagement ring to a wedding band offers a truly special combination of styles – and some couples choose to match each other, too. Discover if matching rings is the right choice for you…
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Diamonds that Sparkle

Pure Brilliance

Discover which types of diamonds have the most sparkle – and why. It’s a dazzlingly good read.
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