Her Style Engagement. What's My Bride to Be's

What’s My Bride to Be’s Style?

Her Style. What's My Bride to Be's Style?

This quiz has been designed for you to see what kind of engagement ring your fiancée will (hopefully) love!

You’re choosing a ring to symbolize the eternal love and represent the significance of your relationship. Once you outline her likes and dislikes and learn the basics of engagement rings, you’ll have the perfect ring in your hands before you know it!

Even if you find it hard enough to shop for yourself, let alone your fiancé, to pile on the pressure a little more, she’ll wear her engagement ring every day for the rest of her life. She may have particular tastes or a specific style, so shopping for her engagement ring can be stressful.

Relax – we’re here to help and ease the pressure.

  1. What is her favourite outerwear?
    1. Classic trench coat or casual blazer
    2. Leather jacket
    3. A comfy cardigan
    4. A fleece hoodie
    5. Fur jacket (either real or faux)
  2. Her “dream house” would be:
    1. Sleek, minimalist & modern with midcentury furniture
    2. Victorian - you can both renovate and fill with market finds
    3. Country cottage with shabby-chic comfort
    4. Beach house or mountain cabin with storage room
    5. Penthouse with contemporary flair
  3. The favourite jewellery she wears now:
    1. Diamond stud earrings
    2. Chunky gemstone brooch
    3. The heart pendant you gave her last Valentine’s Day
    4. A bunch of leather and bead bracelets
    5. A chunky statement ring
  4. The colours in her closet are:
    1. Black, tan, cream and grey
    2. Jewel tones — deep greens, reds and purples
    3. Pink, light blue, white, ditsy prints
    4. Primary reds, blues, yellows and greens
    5. Black, white, red and animal prints
  5. What car would she choose?
    1. Audi A3
    2. Mini Cooper
    3. Fiat 500
    4. AWD Subaru with rack attachments for bikes, kayaks and/or surfboards
    5. Range Rover
  6. Casual shoes:
    1. Flats or court shoes
    2. Low heeled ankle boots
    3. Brogues or loafers
    4. Flip-flops or trainers
    5. Platform heels or statement boots — the higher, the happier she is

Answer Key

Mostly As: She’s a classic, sleek, no-fuss kind of girl and is likely to love a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring, either princess cut or round. You could go for a timeless prong setting or a modern halo. She looks for quality and pays close attention to detail, so make sure you choose the cut and colour of the diamond carefully – she’ll care less about the size, but will want a brilliant, polished metal with a sparkly diamond that she can wear every day.

Mostly Bs: She’s wonderfully authentic and holds a unique, vintage style – looking into the past for fashion inspiration. She may like vintage-inspired rings and historic cuts like a princess or The Forever Diamond. Look into coloured diamonds or gemstones for an extra special, unique touch so she can stand out from the crowd.

Mostly Cs: You’ve got a free spirited, romantic on your hands. She may have always dreamed of a traditional solitaire ring, or more unusual engagement ring cuts like marquise, heart or emerald. A centre stone with a row of side stones will also appeal to her. It is well worth considering an heirloom ring from her family or yours (if available). You can re-craft it and set it with a beautiful diamond just for her, as a sentimental way to link your past, present and future.

Mostly Ds: She’s the outdoorsy type and is likely to be active and hands on with various activities, so she may not be too concerned about her engagement ring. Platinum is a great choice for durability and doesn’t have much height or edges. Consider a band with channel-set diamonds – also known as ‘anniversary bands.’

Mostly Es: She eats and breathes fashion, keeping up to date with latest trends. Styles to check out are cushion cut diamonds or an emerald cut — the emerald can give you the carat and size impact that she will love. Halo rings consist of smaller diamonds around a larger one, with diamonds on the band – worth considering for your fashion queen!

Don’t worry if your fiancé falls into more than one category – with only five choices, it’s bound to happen. If for example, she is a combination of A and C, combine both styles - she may love a classic solitaire diamond ring with an extra special touch of side stone detailing. Hopefully, having read through the options, you’ll have a better idea of what will work best.