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What Engagement Ring Style Will Suit My Finger?

Her Style Engagement ring guide. What ring style will suit my finger?

Choosing an engagement ring for your finger is like choosing a dress to flatter your figure. There are certain dresses that fit perfectly, and other styles that we would probably never choose to wear, despite how beautiful it might look on the rail.

Short, long, slender or wide; there are different engagement rings to flatter all hand sizes and finger types. If you've been trying on rings and think nothing suits you, it may just be that you've been trying on the wrong type of ring for your fingers.

This guide will narrow your options down and show you the style of ring that will work well for you, saving you hours of trying on various rings. There is a style to flatter every hand and every finger.

Finding the perfect match

To find a ring that will look perfect on your finger, you need to consider the following:

  • The length and width of your finger
  • The overall size of your hand
  • The shape and size of the main stone
  • The width and style of the ring

Your nails also play a key part: are they usually long, trimmed short or manicured regularly? Long nails create an illusion of longer fingers, so it becomes a vital part of the equation.

As well as determining your finger and hand shape, finding your perfect ring will also factor in your personal style and lifestyle. We've set out some guidelines to help you along your quest, but if your heart was set on a particular metal or stone – go for it. Ultimately you have the final choice and you should honour what your heart desires, just carefully consider the style that will look the most flattering for your finger shape.

Long fingers

Most engagement ring styles work well with long, thin fingers but for an extra touch of elegance, consider:

  • Princess cut and round stones to flatter your fingers
  • A wider band will complement the length
  • If it suits you, long fingers can pull off bold styles really well

Slender fingers

You want to avoid over powering slender fingers, choose styles that will make your fingers appear wider:

  • Smaller stones and thicker bands can help create the illusion of wider fingers

Short fingers

The aim for shorter fingers is to help elongate them, whatever the width:

  • Oval, pear or marquise shaped stones help lengthen the appearance of your finger
  • Rectangular emerald shaped stones can lengthen short fingers, but avoid big stones as they can overwhelm your hand
  • Your fingers will appear longer with narrow-width bands

Wide fingers

Broad fingers can appear more slender with the right ring. Having wide fingers gives you more room to have fun with a range of styles:

  • Wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape will make your fingers appear slimmer – avoid narrow stones as they can make broad fingers look wider
  • Round stones in larger settings or cluster styles flatter wider fingers
  • For minimum skin exposure, consider a medium to thick band
  • Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs minimize the width of the finger

Big knuckles

If you fear you have big knuckles, you can draw attention away from them:

  • Thicker, heavier bands will draw attention to the ring instead of the middle of your finger

Once you've established the ring style based on your fingers, combine the results with the size of your hand for ultimate perfection.

Small hands

Large hands

  • Larger hands have more scope to be creative, try on bolder rings that express your personality
  • You can easily get away with bulky, chunky styles

Hopefully, you have more of an idea of the style of ring that will suit your hand and finger but ultimately, the choice is yours! [Link to ring size guide]