Her style guide. Finding a ring suitable for your lifestyle

Engagement Ring to Suit My Lifestyle

Her Style. Find a ring to suit my lifestyle

As well as being outstandingly beautiful, your engagement ring needs to be practical, and be suitable for your daily activity and work life. As you consider the basics of engagement ring styles and designs, think about your job, hobbies and how your ring will complement your daily activity.

Engagement ring can vary to suit different lifestyles, from active and outdoorsy to a more indoor, office based lifestyle. You’ll most likely wear your engagement ring all day, every day for most of your life. So you’ll want a ring that will cooperate with your lifestyle.

Daily activity

If you want to wear your ring comfortably every day, it’s important to think about what style is suitable for your job or daily activity. Consider some of the practical design choices for your lifestyle:

If your job requires: You might consider a ring that:
An affluent professional image (salesperson, fashion designer, boutique owner, real estate agent) Is unique in style or dazzling in design. A larger center stone, a fancy diamond shape, or an elegant, Hollywood-inspired halo ring design may be the choice for you.
Hands-on work (landscaper, chef, housecleaner, sculptor) Has smooth features rather than nooks and crannies that can capture dirt (such as engraved metals or channel set stones). Also consider whether the ring will fit easily under gloves if you wear them.
Risky situations (police officer, social worker, security guard) Is discreet. Consider avoiding a big, dazzling diamond and opt for a delicate diamond band or a ring with multiple, smaller diamonds or gemstones . Or, if you especially want a bigger diamond engagement ring, consider buying an additional simple band you can wear to work.
Working with computers or machinery, or working a lot with your hands (office worker, bank teller, factory worker, artist, welder) Doesn’t have a raised stone setting that can knock or catch on things.
Caring for people (teacher, childcare provider, nurse, physician, physical therapist) Doesn’t have sharp edges. Consider a bezel set diamond ring, a channel-set or pavé band so you don’t have to remove your ring every time you go to work.

Your ring at play

When you’re not at work, how do you choose to spend your time? Make sure the engagement ring you choose will fit in with leisure time too.

If your play time involves: You might consider a ring that:
Getting your hands dirty (gardening, sculpting, baking) Can be easily cleaned. Avoid engraved metals or channel-set stones.
Fancy hand work (playing music, knitting or sewing, juggling) Won’t get caught in any threading or strings. Also note that rings tend to “spin” on certain kinds of fingers, so that the stone can end up on the inside of the hand and interfere with your handy work. Ask your jeweller about sizing or adding inserts or beads to prevent this from happening.
Team or individual sports (football, tennis, skiing, basketball, rock climbing, yoga) Doesn’t have a raised setting that can get caught on things. Think about a sturdier metal such as platinum that is less likely to graze against sports equipment, and consider any protective gear (such as gloves) that must slide over your finger.
Travel Will make you feel secure when you travel, especially internationally. You might want to consider a diamond that’s more discreet.

Of course, many women choose the engagement ring design they love best and gradually become used to it, or opt to take it off in certain situations. The important thing is, to give some practical thought to how you’ll wear your ring and make it a comfortable part of your everyday life forever.