Vince Camuto Watches

Vince Camuto Watches are now available, exclusively in the UK, at H.Samuel. Vince Camuto Watches includes both ladies' watches and men's watches, and offer the very latest in fashion, style and contemporary design, perfect for the H.Samuel customer!

Vince Camuto Ladies

The Vince Camuto Woman's Timepiece Collection is an extension of the Vince Camuto brand's unique commitment to contemporary design, luxe quality and attention to rich detail. With a focus on classic designs with a fresh, innovative edge the Vince Camuto Woman's Timepiece collection is jewellery inspired, polished, at times oversized; and utilises premium finishes in rose gold, gunmetal and brushed metals to compliment a trend-driven wardrobe. Style details include the signature pyramid stud, a hardware detailed crown, layered dials, brilliant Swarovski crystals and lustrous ceramic links. The Vince Camuto Woman's Timepieces are sophisticated, eye-catching and elegant with modern attitude.

Vince Camuto Men

The Vince Camuto Men's Timepiece Collection appeals to the man with a strong sense of individual style. The men's timepieces, inspired by land, air and sea, carefully consider authentic utility and are crafted with specialty details and sophisticated movements that are a typical in the current watch market. Land gave way to masculine timepieces inspired by the art of automobiles and motorcycles. Air inspired a mechanical design direction, including vintage airplanes and parts. Sea led to innovative wristwatches inspired by the ocean, unexpected materials and colours. Vintage inspired case shapes, mixed materials; including solid stainless steel, silicon and aluminium, paired with textured and layered dials. 21-jewel automatic movements, complex flyback movements and exhibition casebacks are signature features of the Vince Camuto Men's Timepiece Collection.

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