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Tatty Teddy is the famous grey bear with the blue nose, the character at the heart of the Me to You brand. Since his first appearance on greetings cards back in the late 1980s, Tatty Teddy has spent two decades touching the hearts of millions of fans across the world. Whatever the occasion, Tatty Teddy always manages to get the sentiment just right.

Each Me to You figurine is beautifully presented in a blue and grey logo-embellished gift box. Inside you will find a complementary Me to You brochure, which tells you all about Tatty Teddy, and introduces some of the other heart warming sculptures in the Me to You range.

The Story Behind Tatty Teddy

Find out how Tatty Teddy got his blue nose...

One day, not so long ago, the oldest, smallest house imaginable was being knocked down. All the unwanted things were thrown outside even, surely by some mistake, a little brown teddy bear. He was trapped amongst all the other discarded things, where he remained through the cold, snowy winter alone and very, very sad.

The bear became so cold that his nose started turning blue so cold that his brown fur started turning grey. But then, in the springtime, a little girl found him lying there, and loved him instantly. She took him home, where her grandmother stitched him together with care.

Me to You Collectibles

The little girl named him Tatty Teddy, and with his bashful looks and special blue nose, he quickly became a symbol for love and friendship.

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