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Caravelle New York Watches

With a strong collection of styles for both men and women, Caravelle New York understand the importance of style, and standing out from the crowd - focusing on fine details and unique features that turn an expertly made watch, into a stylish fashion accessory.

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A history of Caravelle New York design

Designed and produced by the Bulova Corporation in New York in 1962, Caravelle New York encompasses the brand values and expertise of Bulova, resulting in dynamically styled fashion accessories that maintain the Bulova benchmark of quality, at an attainable price point.

Caravelle New York brand philosophy

Caravelle New York presents the newest, freshest styles, defining life in a city of limitless possibility. Designed by Bulova in the heart of the city, Caravelle New York offers the latest colours and trends each season, all with the best quality at attainable prices. It's the city where anything can happen... any hour of the day. Where you can do whatever you want... be whoever you want to be. Where self-invention is as easy as changing your hair, your clothes, your watch... And Caravelle New York, the watch designed in New York and inspired by the spirit of the city, is the watch that captures everything that makes New York a place like no other. It’s the 24-hour, non-stop whirl of life at the center of the world of opportunity. It's a midnight subway ride from the galleries of Soho to the clubs of Brooklyn. It's Fifth Avenue mornings and weekend strolls along the Brooklyn Bridge... The soaring magic of skyscrapers and the cool green of Central Park... It's being young and alive and confident, whatever your style or budget. It's Caravelle New York.

Caravelle New York Watches

Embodying the energy and excitement of New York City – where fashion is created every minute and the sidewalks are our runways.