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unique wedding rings


Choosing a wedding ring that perfectly suits your personality and style is so important, as it’s something you are going to wear for many years to come! If a simple and classic ring just doesn’t do it for you, you’ll discover a wide range of unique wedding rings at H. Samuel.

1 April 2021 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

Why buy a unique or unusual wedding ring?

Your wedding is such a deeply personal and special occasion. From the choice of venue to how you exchange your vows and the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the floral arrangements, it all reflects your taste, personality, and values.

The same goes for wedding rings, and that’s why there are no rules about what you should choose. Ultimately, everyone’s taste is different, so whether yours is traditional and understated or you’re drawn towards designs that are unique or a bit more individual, that’s your call. All that really matters is that you and your partner love the rings you choose, because you’ll be the ones wearing them as a symbol of your love and commitment for many years to come.

Although many couples opt for matching styles or colours, others like to express their individuality by choosing different rings. And talking of different, you don't have to rigidly stick with conventional wedding rings. If you fall in love with an eternity ring or a designer fashion ring and want to wear it as your wedding ring, then so what! If it's perfect for you, that's all that matters.

Unique wedding rings for him

When it comes to unique wedding rings for men, there are so many different metals, finishes, and styles to choose from, as well as the big decision on whether to go for a design with a little bling or some cool detailing. With so much choice, it all comes down to not only finding a ring that looks great and fits your budget but something that will suit your lifestyle too.

Gold has long been a traditional choice for men, and there is a range of stylish and unique gold designs available. Alternatively, choosing silver, titanium, tungsten, platinum, or white gold immediately gives a sleek modern look. When selecting which metal to go for, it’s always best to consider your lifestyle, and if you’re very active or do a lot of work with your hands, then it’s best to go for a tougher metal, like platinum, tungsten, or titanium. Another popular choice for a less traditional ring is to go for a mixed-metal design to create an eye-catching and individual combination.

A contemporary finish, such as a polished satin, brushed, or matte, looks really stylish and is a great option for a modern man. You could even go a step further by choosing a ring with a contrasting finish, such as a matte ring with a polished groove, which looks particularly cool.

Men can also elect to wear a signet ring, and you’ll find designs in a range of metals, styles, and shapes such as square and oval. Some of our favourites are designs that feature black onyx, for a bold and striking statement, as well as those with diamonds or gemstones.

For a truly luxurious option, check out the range of men's wedding rings that are set with opulent, sparkling diamonds. Perfect for any dapper gent, choose from subtle sparkle with just one diamond, or opt for a dazzling ring with multiple stones.

Unique wedding rings for her

In the collection of unique wedding rings for her, you’ll find everything from unique modern wedding rings to elegant vintage styles, so you’ll be sure to find a design you love that perfectly complements your engagement ring.

When it comes to metals, many modern brides are choosing to mix metals between their engagement and wedding rings, and there's no doubt that it can look very stylish. Just a word of warning though, you'll need to match the metals' hardness, or you run the risk of scratching the softer of the two.

Another way to inject some personality is through a pop of colour. There are many bright, bold and beautiful gemstone options to choose from, including designs with romantic red rubies or deep blue sapphires. You could even combine gemstones with diamonds for an extra luxurious look.

If you like the idea of extra sparkle, why not consider a delicate diamond band, one that'll complement rather than compete with your engagement ring. This option can be really stunning, particularly as so many styles are available in a variety of unique shapes. Designed to show off your engagement ring at its brilliant best, shaped or notched wedding bands perfectly frame the engagement ring’s centre stone and create an undeniably beautiful pairing.

For something stylish and modern, check out diamond set crossover rings, twist bands, or double row pavé designs. Rings with a mix of diamond cuts, such as a brilliant round and baguette, are perfect for those looking for a subtle and sophisticated twist on a more classic design. For lovers of less traditional styles, check out the range of patterned rings, which include contemporary bands with cool embellishments and vintage look wedding rings with milgrain detailing and intricate patterns.

Discover unique weddings rings at H.Samuel

We know that finding the perfect ring is so important, so we hope this guide has given you lots of unique wedding ring ideas to get you started. When searching for the best ring for you, there is simply no substitute for trying on and experimenting with a range of styles, designs, and metals, so you can get a feel for what you like. If you’re ready to start looking for your dream wedding ring, we recommend browsing the full collection online and then popping into your local H.Samuel store to see your favourite designs in person. Along with shaped bands, matching sets, alternative metals, and sparkling diamond bands, you’ll also find a broad choice of classic wedding rings in all precious metals, widths, and choice of weights.

If you’d like a little extra help and support, take advantage of our free in-store or virtual appointments, where one of our friendly and expert staff will be happy to answer your questions and to help you find the perfect unique ring to suit your taste and budget.