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Why Eternity Rings are so Relevant Right Now

Commitment jewellery has always had an allure and nothing says, ‘our love knows no bounds’ like an eternity or infinity ring.

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

With no beginning or end, the exchanging of an eternity ring is a beautiful symbol of both the circle of life and of your unending love for your partner. Modern eternity rings have shaken off the shackles of tradition and although originally designed for married women, there are now many stylish pieces for men too and they are often given as a celebration between couples.

Eternity Rings Reach Celebrity Status

The beauty and symbolism of an eternity ring make them so attractive to celebrities and royalty alike; royal watchers first spotted Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wearing an eternity ring when she made her first public appearance following the birth of her son, Archie Harrison.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing one following the birth of Prince George and Nicole Kidman received a brilliant round diamond eternity ring to compliment her incredible antique style diamond engagement ring from her husband Keith Urban.

In recent years the number of male celebrities wearing eternity rings has increased and iconic personalities such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Elton John and Johnny Depp have been influential, wearing diamond eternity rings.

Why are Eternity or Infinity Rings Given

While traditionally gifted to mark a significant achievement or milestone in a either a relationship or in life, such as a special wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, the Ancient Egyptians gave rings for no other reason than as a token of love and of life.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules, some married women like to follow tradition and stack it between their wedding and engagement rings, wearing their wedding band closest to their heart. Many couples, men and women alike, like to showcase the beauty of their eternity band by wearing it as a solo piece on the right hand.

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"If I know what love is, it is because of you"

Hermann Hesse

The History of the Eternity Ring

Conceptually the eternity ring dates to 2,000 BC to the Ancient Egyptians and early examples were composed of a circle of metal inset with stones, often on the top half of the ring or covering the whole circumference. Referred to as ouroboros, often designs featured a serpent and less commonly a dragon eating its own tail, symbolising wholeness, infinity and the cycle of birth and death.

As the eternity ring has evolved so have the designs; 18th century, eternity rings were designed to feature any precious gemstones that were easy to source at the time and in the 19th century the popularity of diamond engagement rings soared.

Which are the Most Popular Cuts and Stones for Eternity Rings?

The round brilliant cut is the most commonly found in eternity rings, most popular because of its sparkle, yields the maximum return of light and create a diamond eternity ring that sparkles sensationally. A round brilliant diamond eternity ring is a classic choice and is sure to be cherished by your loved one.

Princess cut diamonds are square in shape and great for eternity bands as they can be close set on the band giving maximum sparkle.

Baguette cut diamonds are a recent addition to eternity ring design and are often alternated with a princess cut diamond which gives it an opulence and wonderful texture.

Today eternity bands are often inset with coloured gemstones, which might be a birthstone, or contain a mix of gemstones and diamonds as people often inset them with the birthstone of their partner or child. The most common gemstones in eternity rings are rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These are the three most precious gemstones other than diamonds and tougher than other gems, so great for everyday wear.

Eternity Ring Styles

Traditionally there are two main styles of ring, full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Full meaning the entire shank of the ring is set with stone and half eternity rings are set with stones around the top half of the band.

What is the Importance of an Eternity Ring Setting?

Setting attributes to the beauty of an eternity or infinity band and is most important when you’re buying a diamond ring as they can dictate the design and the level of brilliance radiating from the stones. The main types of eternity ring settings are: claw, channel and bar. Claw or pong set are the most traditional and use a metal setting which runs up the side of the stones overlapping ta the top to hold it in place. Channel set rings have the metal forming a channel at the two edges of the ring and bar set rings have each stone separated with a metal bar, the bars becoming a part of the design.

Another modern variant on the eternity ring is the trilogy ring set with three diamonds, signifying past, present & future.

Couples give each other eternity rings for many romantic reasons and whether marriage is part of your plan or not it’s an utterly loving gift that will pay dividends.