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Millie Court and Chloe Burrows

Up Close and Personalised with Love Island

When it comes to jewellery, the unique, the sentimental and the bespoke are continuing to trend, but lately, it’s the stars that have been shining the brightest. Thanks to the likes of Millie Court and Chloe Burrows, this is the Love Island jewellery trend that everyone is talking about…

11 August 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Perhaps unsurprisingly, personalised jewellery is becoming ever more popular – something that’s completely understandable when we consider the lack of personal connection we’ve had over the past year and a half. With talismanic and symbolic jewels taking the spotlight, thanks to their spiritual sentiments, as well as a welcome dose of sparkle. Case in point: Our on-going obsession with colour coded birthstone jewellery for the ultimate token of identification. But, when it comes to personal pieces that everyone is currently clamouring for, zodiac signs have quickly become the jewel du jour – which comes as no real surprise, considering the astrological pieces that are all over our screen of late. Yes, we’re talking Love Island. What else?

Written in the stars

While we have lots of opinions on which couple should win (note to ITV producers: Liberty and Kaz should be an option), our recent observations have revolved around the style choices made in the villa. This summer, the islanders have been responsible for floaty shorts, rainbow Crocs, ‘under-boob’ bikini tops and questionably printed Hawaiian shirts. But there’s one islander’s stand-out style that’s caught everyone’s eye – for all the right reasons.

From her admirable response to boo Liam’s Casa Amour antics to her style that has us hunting down her outfits quicker than you can say ‘I Saw It First’, Essex hun Millie Court is fast becoming our favourite. But it’s not just her resilience and fashion sense we need in our lives. We also need our very own zodiac chain à la Millie’s gold ‘Sagittarius’ necklace. Yes, it turns out the zodiac necklace is totally in Vogue for summer 2021, or our type on paper, if you will.

Whether it’s during a saucy challenge, a beach hut D&M, or wrapped around Amy Day’s wrist, said Sagittarius necklace has become a star (pun not intended) in its own right. Suffice to say, the zodiac sign is the perfect personal touch, and a host of A-list celebs agree, including Meghan Markle who loves to layer two constellation necklaces that feature her children’s horoscopes (Taurus for Archie and Gemini for Lilibet). And, if you don’t share Millie’s star sign, don’t fret, because we’ve got pendants for the other signs, too.

What’s in a name

Relationships come and go, but jewellery is forever – especially if it’s got your name on it. Ever since the ‘90s when Sarah Jessica Parker rocked her beloved gold ‘Carrie’ nameplate necklace on Sex And The City, the signature piece has provided ongoing bling goals. But, today, it’s all about being part of the ‘naughty trio’. Chloe Burrows joins Millie in the statement text necklace stakes with her ‘baby’ pendant. And fellow islanders, Kaz and Liberty have picked up where Carrie left off, making a strong case for the nameplate with their namesake pendant necklaces.

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Bring your ‘A’ game

It might be Zodiac necklaces that are trending right now, but we think you’ll agree, you can’t get more personal than a name or initial. When Meghan Markle donned her delicate 'A' letter necklace, in tribute to Archie, the whole world went wild, proving personalised jewellery doesn't have to be just about you. A form of ‘love language’ – it can express affection for a loved one, it can be a symbol of a precious memory or it can be a reflection of your life right now. And the best bit about these jewels is that you can pile them on for the ultimate luxe layered look (the more the merrier, in our opinion).

Signs of the times

Unlike Toby ‘moving mad’ in paradise, personalised jewellery is deep and meaningful. Plus, when it comes to birthstones, it has a spiritual side, too. As well as being the ultimate storytellers – the guardians of our secrets and surprises, your birthstone will give your life a serious glow-up. Not just sparkly, each one bestows its wearer with mystic power and protection. It has your back and can supercharge you with its natural good vibes. Or you could just buy a pretty pendant and leave it at that. Either way, these natural beauties work their magic, whether you’re sentimental or not.

Make it personal with H. Samuel

The best kinds of jewellery are the ones with personal stories. Whether it's birthstones, a nameplate or an initial, these little amulets are sure to turn your head. So, if you want to get the Love Island look, or simply want to get personal, as a tribute to yourself, loved one or even your pet then you can shop the pieces you won’t ever want to take off at H. Samuel.