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The “Thank You” Pin: A Show of Hands for Our Heroes

The NHS has always been the pride of Britain but it’s during the COVID-19 pandemic that we’ve realised what it means to us. The word “hero” is used too often, but the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly are truly worthy of that title, so discover a wonderful way to pay tribute to them.

21 July 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

To show how grateful we are for their incredible effort during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, H. Samuel is delighted to be the official retailer of the “Thank You” Pin, which symbolises the bravery, sacrifice and shining light that the NHS frontline medics have been during this dark time. A badge of honour in every way, not only will you be showing your support for a great cause, but £10 from every sale will be donated to NHS Charities Together – a charity that works to improve NHS services and the wellness of NHS staff.

A service like no other

The world’s first-ever free health service was founded on 5th July 1948, making it one of the most special days in British history.

The NHS has always been there for us but now it’s time for us to show that we are there for them, and ready and willing to support the service during its time of need. Battling on the coronavirus frontline hasn’t just seen staff risking their own lives to selflessly save others but has also involved long spells of not seeing family and friends to avoid spreading the disease.

It was for selfless acts like this that the founder of London-based provenance brand TMB Art Metal, Christopher Bennett felt the need for a lasting tribute.

A permanent “thank you”

During the height of the pandemic, many unusual things ended up becoming a regular routine in our lives. Social distancing, queues outside of the supermarket, special news reports outlining the latest sad figures in the UK and around the world.

However, there was one positive that stood out among the gloom, which was Clap For Our Carers. Taking place every Thursday at 8pm, this was an opportunity to be as loud and proud of our admiration, gratitude and respect for the men and women putting their own lives on the line in the fight against this ugly, previously unknown virus.

Though this weekly occurrence may have now come to an end, you can continue to applaud the NHS for the outstanding work it does every time you proudly wear this pin, which takes the form of two clapping hands. Created to last a lifetime, the design used elements of the hands of six NHS members whose heroics were certainly felt on the frontline.

The hands of our heroes

Representing every member of the NHS who has cared for families, friends, communities and patients around the UK, the hands behind the pin design are modelled on the following six heroes:

  • May Parsons, who administered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccination, is a Matron for Education and Escalation, Interim Matron for Respiratory Medicine at University Hospitals Coventry, and Warwickshire NHS Trust. The design features May’s nails and thumb.
  • Dr Amie Burbridge FRCP, MMedEd, MBChB, who documented her life during the BBC Documentary “Pandemic”, is a consultant Acute/General Internal Medicine, University Hospitals Coventry, and Warwickshire NHS Trust. The design features Dr Burbridge’s finger textures and back of hand.
  • Fathma Shabbir, a young newly qualified nurse at Ealing Hospital Intensive Care Unit, London Northwest University Healthcare NHS Trust. The design features Fathma’s hand and finger shape.
  • Faisal Yousaf, a porter at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. The design features Faisal’s finger middle creases and back of hand shape.
  • Kathryn Gill was a band five nurse who worked in the cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (ITU) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, which during the height of the pandemic became a Covid ITU. The design features Kathryn’s finger textures.
  • Samuel Opoku-Mensah, a Ward Manager at Central & Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust. The design features Samuel’s knuckle and back of hand texture.

Each of the ambassadors provided photos of the back of the right hand and palm of the left, which were then used to help create the 3D clapping hands design. The symbol was then cast from a very special material.

Metal with meaning

The “Thank You” Pin represents bravery in every way and highlighting this is the fact that the pin is made from a metal called Duralumin that was recycled from a WW2 Spitfire owned and operated by the Royal Air Force’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. First flown in August 1940 during the Battle of Britain, this Spitfire – serial number P7350 – survived WW2 and is today the oldest most original and historically significant airworthy Spitfire in existence.

Much like how the Spitfire protected people from the enemy and helped to secure our freedom, so too is the NHS by fighting this disease, which is why it’s fitting that the metal used to create the pin is symbolically and literally connecting one set of heroes with another.

Play your part in this historic battle

Modern society hasn’t experienced anything like a global pandemic before and there’s no doubt that the way it has changed the world around us will stay in the memory long after the battle is won. By buying the “Thank You” Pin, you’re helping NHS Charities Together to ensure we all live to see another day.

NHS Charities Together is an independent national charity partner of the NHS and an umbrella organisation made up of 240 NHS member charities based within hospitals, mental health trusts, ambulance trusts, community health trusts and health boards across the UK. The funds raised by NHS Charities Together help to improve services for patients and help NHS staff and volunteers both practically and emotionally, so that they can continue with their vital life-saving work.

When we’re united, we’re stronger together, so by wearing the “Thank You” Pin you’re showing your support for the NHS, so that we can all go on to enjoy a brighter, happier future.