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Engagement ring design


Designing your own engagement ring is special and very personal. Luckily, we know a thing or two about what you need to think about. From setting a budget to choosing the right materials, here’s our expert advice when using our bespoke design service to create your dream ‘yes’ ring.

11 April 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

There’s no denying the importance of your engagement ring – after all, this is the one you’ll never take off. And if you choose to design your own there’s even more to think about – there’s a lot that goes into getting it right – from the perfect stone and style to the materials used and even the special touches, like engravings and settings.

This is where our Created By You bespoke design service comes in. A two-pronged approach to bespoke design, it gives you the option to build your perfect style online by selecting your stone, setting, and budget, to create a ring unique to you based on the options you select. While the truly bespoke side of the service means you can book an appointment to create your dream piece from scratch. Like turning a sketch into reality or the restoration or reimagining of a treasured family heirloom, if that’s your jam then talk to an expert today.

To point you in the right direction – and help you avoid any costly mistakes – ahead are our hints, tips, tricks and hacks for creating exactly what you’re imagining when going bespoke.

The Budget

When it comes to bespoke engagement rings, there are no rules about how much you spend; it’s about designing one that sparks an emotional connection – which is the beauty of bespoke; it can be tailored to represent your unique relationship (whether that’s an engraving, a meaningful gemstone or even the style). That said, we will always work within your budget – whatever it may be.

Although the budget you set aside depends on the design you have in mind, don’t let it be the only decider – there are lots of ways you can get creative to get the best design at the right price. Work with our style experts to come up with more budget-friendly alternatives that achieve a similar look to what you’re imagining. For example, round diamonds, can be the most expensive because they’re popular, and a similar-looking cushion cut can be more affordable because of the cutting process. Something like a beautiful emerald cut gives the impression of a larger single stone due to its elongated shape. Plus, you can go for longer shapes as your side stones – such as pears or baguettes – to make your entire stone appear larger, too. And by being clever with the 4Cs – cut, carat, colour and clarity (more on these later) – you can choose a diamond with a different colour grade to make it more affordable but will still look beautiful.

The Design Process

What makes an engagement ring truly unique? Is it the diamond cut that symbolises your love? A particular setting or style? A metal colour to suit their skin tone? Or all three? It’s entirely up to you. Our seamless online tool will show you how it comes beautifully together. From guiding you through our selection of diamond shapes and cuts, and stylish settings to picking the perfect precious metal. If you go truly bespoke, our dedicated designers work closely with you to create your one-of-a-kind design. Starting with a sketch, you’ll see your idea blossom before your eyes. It will then be placed in the hands of our highly skilled master craftsmen who’ll bring your vision to life. And to make sure we create exactly what you have in mind, you’ll be involved every step of the way – from the initial sketch of your idea to your perfectly crafted finished piece.

The metal

Platinum and white gold are always popular choices. And while rose gold has climbed the trend ladder recently, yellow gold remains popular, too. In fact, it’s a clear choice between platinum and 18ct gold, they’re all premium metals, it just depends on your colour preference. It’s worth bearing in mind that white gold is finished in rhodium plating, giving it a brighter white sheen. Plus, skin tone, ring type and personal style should all be considered when choosing metal colour.

The diamonds

All our diamonds are natural and certified (this means they are independently graded to evaluate their quality based on the 4Cs) and each one comes with its own certificate to show its authenticity. Our online tool takes you through the meaning of the all-important 4C’s, and what to look for when selecting your diamond quality. But know that colour and clarity are what matter. The colour gives the stone its nice bright white look and you can compromise on clarity (the stone’s natural flaws) to make it more affordable. The cut is all about sparkle and carat is its weight.

The diamond shape is also important when selecting your perfect stone. Traditional round? On-trend pear? Romantic heart? It’s always worth looking at alternative shapes so you can compare the look and the price; there could be shapes you might not have seen or thought about. You might realise that a classic princess-cut diamond ring isn’t your style, and a larger-than-life emerald cut is. What’s classic to you, might be out-of-date to someone else. Just remember that trends do affect diamond prices, and some in-demand shapes will cost more than others.

Talking of trends, oval is having a moment. And if you’re looking to create a real impact, then choose a marquise. Thanks to its elongated shape, it looks much larger than a round of the same weight. The Created By You tool gives you nine shapes to choose from, and if you’re going truly bespoke then speak to your in-store design expert to find the shape that suits you.

The gemstones

Personalised jewellery is trending – especially birthstones. So, it’s no surprise that couples in 2022 are looking for coloured gemstones for a unique twist on engagement rings. Whether combined with diamonds or worn alone, birthstones are a meaningful way to add a bit of personalisation. While they all add a distinct pop of colour and personality, each one is different, and they range in value. Sapphires and rubies are the hardest wearing. While emeralds resist scratching well but do require special care. You can always add smaller diamonds into your ring for extra sparkle (more on settings later). If you’re designing your ring online there are eight gorgeous, coloured gemstones to choose from. If you’re booking an appointment to design something from scratch, then the world is your oyster.

The setting

The setting is all about how the stone is set in or above the band and is largely informed by the stone. So, when it comes to bespoke designs, it’s best to leave this part until later. A simpler setting, say a four-claw solitaire lets the stone shine because it lifts it away from and above the band giving it an old-world sophistication. Bezel-set, which feels smooth when you rub your finger over the stone, gives the ring a larger and more contemporary appearance. And you can always go for a halo, three stone or shoulder stones (smaller stones either side) for that extra dose of sparkle.

The personal touches

Don’t forget you can make your ring even more personal by adding an engraving – your initials, or perhaps, even your engagement date. Going bespoke is all about the subtle, personal touches that make your engagement ring truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, you can engrave via the online tool as well as in-store (some stores can even do it while you wait).

The final need-to-knows

If you’ve inherited a piece of family jewellery, it’s worth remembering you may already have the perfect diamond or gemstone to use in your bespoke engagement ring. We love the idea of breathing new life into older jewellery. Taking the stone from granny’s necklace and putting it in your new design turns your piece into a real heirloom. After all, what better way to make something truly special than by including something already treasured? Plus, it could keep costs down. Your design will be expertly handcrafted (so the attention to detail is second-to-none) within six weeks of placing your order (and four weeks via the tool). If you’re thinking about popping the question and want to make it truly unique, then book an appointment with our design experts, chat with a virtual expert or get designing your ring online today.

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