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How to take the perfect engagement ring selfie - couple holding hands

How to take the perfect engagement ring selfie

Take note of our top engagement photo tips to help you nail your announcement, including how to take a selfie that allows your ring to take centre stage, advice on angles and lighting, as well as some ideas for the backdrop and making sure your hands are looking their best.

20 November 2020 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

The question has been popped, you’ve said “YES!” and now you can’t stop glancing down at your left hand to admire your stunning engagement ring. You most likely excitedly told your close friends and family about your engagement straight away, but when you’re ready to share the engagement announcement far and wide, it’s great to accompany the post with a killer photo of your brand new sparkler. Here we’ll give you some engagement photo tips, including how to take a selfie where your ring takes centre stage, advice on angles and lighting, as well as some ideas for the backdrop and making sure your hands are looking their best.

manicure engagement


Whilst some beautiful engagement announcement photos are captured off the cuff, straight after the big moment, many people choose to put a bit of planning into their ring photos. If time is on your side, then the first thing we’d suggest is treating yourself to a manicure so your nails are looking their best. It might sound obvious, but making sure your hands are clean and moisturised is also important, and adding some hand lotion just before taking the shot can help your skin to look softer and smoother. As the ring is undoubtedly the star of the show, it’s probably worth giving it a clean with a soft cloth or a jewellery wipe to ensure it really sparkles. It’s also best to remember that this is the time for your new engagement ring to be the focus of attention, so it’s a good idea to remove other rings and jewellery that might be in the shot.


When taking an engagement ring photo, some simple techniques can help you raise the bar. Firstly, think about buying a mini tripod for your phone, they’re pretty cheap and that way you can set a timer and get yourself into position without any fear of camera shake.

To really make your ring stand out as the absolute star of the show, you can try a popular photography technique where you throw the background of the image out of focus, this is known as a shallow depth of field. Achieve this by creating distance between what is in the foreground and what is in the background of the shot, for example, your hand and your partner. This technique will give the background a soft-focus, adding to the story and romantic feel, but will ensure that the sharp image of the engagement ring in the foreground will draw everyone’s attention. If your phone camera has a ‘portrait mode’ it works in pretty much the same way, but be sure to tap the ring on your screen to make sure your camera focusses on it.

Couple location engagement


Picking the perfect location or backdrop for your photo can help to set the tone and tell part of the story. If the proposal location is nearby, or you want to take your engagement ring photos straight away, then framing your shot to show the proposal spot or a nearby landmark can help to give a sense of place. Lots of couples also choose to stylistically frame the photo so that their partner is also visible, perhaps romantically holding your left hand or celebrating in the background.Bear in mind that posting two different selfies is a popular choice, but many people choose to have the same location for both. One shot is, of course, the ring in all its glory, and the second tends to be a wider view of the happy couple. And don’t forget, applying these same tips to video clips, GIF files and Boomerangs is also a stylish way to share the big news.

  • Experiment with filters

Once you’ve chosen the perfect photo, or two, experiment with some filter options to really make the photo pop. Something that gives a vintage or romantic feel is always popular, but if you’d prefer to keep it natural, simply try adjusting contrast, saturation of colours and brightness, until you’re thrilled with the way it looks.

Couple engagement selfie


Try to make your pose as natural or relaxed as possible, and if your face is in vision, remember to show just how happy you are! Sometimes, taking a selfie means you stretch to try and reach a certain angle, so if it makes you feel more comfortable why not ask someone else to take the photo.If you find that your hand feels a little awkward, then choosing a prop is an excellent way to help you relax and to make the shot more personal. For example, we’ve seen our customers’ engagement announcement snaps feature adorable pets, cute hand-written signs, gorgeous flowers, glasses of champagne and even Scrabble letters. Looking at Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to get some inspiration, but always try and add your own spin to any ideas you like the look of.

  • Engagement photo captions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, a few well-chosen words, otherwise known as your caption, will give you the perfect, personal finishing touch. Give it some careful thought – after all, this is how most people will find out about your exciting news. Consider telling the story of the proposal, simply using the date it took place or, to be playful, say it with emojis. You could even keep it short and sweet and go for the ever-popular ‘I said yes!’.

And don’t forget, we love being a part of our customers big moments, so add #ShareMyHS and tag us at @hsamueljeweller so we can celebrate with you, and you never know, you might end up appearing on our feed too!

Couple engagement holding hands


When it comes to light, natural is usually a much better option than artificial. Natural light will really help to capture the clarity and sparkle of your diamond or gemstone engagement ring, whereas artificial light can often reflect and cause problems with over-exposure. You’ll also need to be aware of shadows and reflections, so try a range of different angles to test what shows off your rock in the best possible light. Experiment with framing too, and don’t be afraid to get snap happy, as you’ll appreciate having a range of options to choose from.

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