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Olivia Burton rose gold and rainbow watch and jewellery

Radiating rainbows: The coloured jewellery trend

We love a good jewellery trend, but if there’s one we’re currently loving a tad more than all the others, it’s the multicoloured one. From birthstones to rainbow necklaces, read on to find out why you should be investing in this mood-enhancing trend this month and beyond.

01 June 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Jewellery is by far one of the most personal purchases we can make; from birthdays and Christmas to graduations, christenings, and anniversaries, barely a momentous occasion goes by that doesn’t warrant a jewel to say congratulations or I love you. And although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, gold is bold and everyone loves a Hi Ho Silver Lining, there is a new trend that is so hot right now. Yes, we’re talking rainbow jewellery.

From its feel-good factor and eye-catching glint to personalisation and outfit-making abilities – it’s quite frankly got it all. Plus, thanks to its colourful nature, it’s the perfect way to show your allegiance to the LGBT+ community and to celebrate Pride (which runs throughout June), making coloured jewels even more meaningful. At this point then, is this even trend at all? We’d argue it's a cult classic.

A limitless love

At H. Samuel, we proudly believe in the power of love in all its forms, and we know that acceptance, togetherness, and unity will always be in fashion – celebrating who you are is the true mark of style. And much like how jewellery allows us to express our uniqueness, Pride month provides us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate a limitless love (in every beautiful colour).

With that in mind, we’ve been infusing our jewellery collections with all manner of rainbow-hued goodies. From personalised birthstones that trumpet the merits of aquamarine, tanzanite, garnet, and peridot, among many others and rainbow necklaces (an acknowledgement of Gilbert Baker’s iconic LGBT+ rainbow flag emblem) to Olivia Burton’s treasure trove of multicoloured delights and Enchanted Disney’s new Ultimate Princess collection. There is a plethora of colourful designs that you can express yourself with for June and long after Pride month is over. And not only will you be able to show off your true self with them, but you’ll also be right on trend: both colour and personalisation are high on the jewellery agenda this summer.

Your true colours

Experimenting with colour is a particularly good way to express your unique style – whether you love to wear lots of it or feel more at home in monochrome shades. If you’re on the latter end of that spectrum, then adding some colour to your looks might sound a bit overwhelming, but there’s a way to incorporate it without going full-on kaleidoscopic – and that’s via your jewellery.

Rainbow jewellery (from actual rainbows to multicoloured gemstones) is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your outfits. It can reflect mood and personality and give a subtle nod to personalisation (birthstones, we’re looking at you). Plus, it will elevate your clothing tenfold. After all, what else has the power to give jeans and a T-shirt a chic new spin quite like a gorgeous gemstone necklace that fashion insiders have been favouring for the past few seasons?

The best part of this trend is that it complements the dainty gold pieces we know you're so obsessed with. Discover the not-so-hidden coloured gems in our edit, from new-in to classic staples. Whether you’re into their meaning or just want to lend your look some colour, these are the ones to treasure. Ahead are six cheerful and wearable rainbow pieces to go with your outfits seven days a week.

Mood-boosting pieces

Have you ever put on a brightly coloured dress and found that it literally brightened your mood? The sun shines brighter and the birds chirp louder when you’re wearing multicolour. Good news: colourful jewellery can have the same mood-boosting effect, and our edit, proves exactly that.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Cubic Zirconia 9mm Huggie Earrings

Rainbow jewellery might be on-trend but it’s also, just plain fun. We love how a dainty pair of multi-coloured huggies make a nice change to our everyday gold hoops.

Birthstone Pendants

Looking to the stars for some positive energy? Then birthstones are a good place to start, unique to your birth month, they make your favourite pieces feel that much more special.

Olivia Burton Rainbow Glitter Dial Stainless Steel Watch

It wouldn't be a rainbow jewellery roundup without including Oliva Burton. Known for its vintage-inspired watches, it’s the perfect gift.

When we’re feeling blue, jewellery is the pick-me-up we need – especially coloured pieces. For a fun break from the monotony of silver and gold jewellery, rainbow earrings and a coordinating necklace is exactly what you need. Plus, it’s the perfect nod to Pride and the LGBT+ community.

Live in colour – literally with Enchanted Disney’s new coloured gemstone collection, which if you ask us, is fit for a princess.

Discover coloured jewellery at H.Samuel

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