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HS Loves... Statement earrings: 5 reasons why you need them

The ‘90s had shoes (think Carrie Bradshaw-inspired spiky stilettos), the ‘00s had chain belts and we’re living in the decade of the statement earring. From hoops to huggies, multi-drops to multicolour, anything goes. Read on for five reasons why eye-catching ear candy is where it’s at.

21 May 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Not since the ‘80s has oversized, ornate and colourful earrings been such a thing. Back then, costume jewellery went hand-in-hand with jewel-tone eyeshadow and high-top fades. But today, the rules are different. It's no longer just fashion jewellery, that veers towards the bold look, demi and fine jewellery has also tapped into this trend. Across the board, the styles are bigger, brighter, blingier or more architectural than ever. One thing they are not, is restrained, tiny or barely there.

Everyone from Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Cardi B is into statement earrings, and it’s not hard to see why. They are a bit of fun, they are noticed a mile off, and they are easy to wear (it’s not like you have to commit to them – like a haircut or tattoo). But, perhaps, most importantly of all, they will give any outfit a sense of completion, they can even top your on fleek eyeliner flick as the perfect finishing touch – trust us, here.

Whether it's the refined appeal of silver drop earrings, attention-grabbing designer diamonds or the pull of ornate gold hoops that speaks to you most, there's a statement earring trend for everyone. So, without further ado, scroll down for the five reasons why you should be investing in this jewellery trend now.

The Golden age of earrings

Much like Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic heels of the late ‘90s or the gold chain belts of the ‘00s, you don’t get to choose what golden age you live in; you’re obliged to join in with what you get. Which right now means wearing statement earrings (think ornately decorated gold hoops) while you discuss the latest fad TV series in the street food queue for your vegan lunch bowl. Essentially, statement earrings today are what shoes were to Carrie back in the day – the zenith of the modern day ‘20s. So, we recommend that you make the most of it.

Generation Selfie’s accessory of choice

We're sure you already know, but just in case, here’s a reminder: when it comes to accessories, they can make or break a selfie – and for the photos you want to add another level of drama to, you can’t go wrong with statement earrings. Essentially, the new ‘make-up’, rainbow-coloured earrings are the go-to for keeping your selfie’s looking fresh-faced. (Bye, bye winged liner).

Proof that statement doesn’t have to mean oversized, a pair of gemstone huggies – especially multicoloured ones – will inevitably become the star of your social feed. Not to mention, smaller hoops also work well for that covetable ‘curated ear’ look, so why not invite them to your ear party?

Every outfit needs a pair of statement earrings

We're still daydreaming about the earrings that Beyoncé wore to the Grammys that time (with 70 carats of diamonds between them – they were pretty unforgettable). They outshined everything so much, we can't even remember what outfit she chose to style them with. Our point being, is that statement earrings take the limelight on the red carpet, the catwalk and the pavement, so while other jewellery has less of an impact, statement earrings, are, well, just that – a statement.

Sure, understated studs for the everyday are perfectly appropriate, but when it’s time to up the ante, bold bling is exactly what you need. Statement earrings are the secret to making your casual look ‘done-up’, they add personality, whilst at the same time allowing you to express your individual style. After all, they’re typically the first thing people will see (especially on a zoom call where they effortlessly create the on-trend ‘party-on-top, loungewear-on-bottom' look).

And, let’s be honest, nothing says ‘showstopper’ like a pair of head-turning diamond hoops on your earlobes. And luckily, the versatile nature of gold and silver jewellery allow you to wear these earrings with anything and everything – yes, really. Dressing in a chunky knit and jeans? Going for a messy bun and midi skirt? You’ll want a bold pair of oversized gold hoops for that. In fact, all corners of the modern woman's life – work, weekends, even poolside – calls for a good pair of hoop earrings.

The affordable earring has never looked so good

Reason number four to jump on the statement earring bandwagon is, perhaps, one we’ll all be relieved to hear. The good news is, that you don’t have to spend a fortune to tap into the statement earring trend. If you’re anything like us, then you’re not a fan of jewellery that looks, well, cheap (who is, really?), so we love how this trend indulges our luxury taste without costing us the earth. For example, earring aficionados will know to make a beeline for drop earrings with statement silver tassels (à la Blake Lively) – a very ‘red-carpet’ look (but can come without the hefty price tag).

They never go out of style

And finally, statement earrings are always in. From drops, to bridal to silver and gold, there’s always an occasion for some eye-catching ear candy. And unlike trends that are better off left in the past (we’re looking at your chain belts), the statement earring lives long and prospers, season after season, year and year. Why? Because it has a clever knack of constantly evolving to fit with the times that it lives in. Like this seasons architectural and sculptural designs (a favourite of Miley Cyrus) –proving that statement doesn’t always have to be oversized, just eye-catching.

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