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Olivia Burton Jewellery

HS Loves… Jewellery Inspired by Nature

Naturally beautiful and perfect for summer, our latest accessory crush is nature-inspired jewellery, and you’ll never guess (well, actually you might) which affordable fashion-led accessories brand encapsulates it to a tee? Read on to find out…

21 June 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Summer’s a season best spent outdoors beneath a sunny, clear blue sky, surrounded by good friends, great food, and gorgeous scenery. With warmer weather (and the end of lockdown in sight) getting us outside, it's no wonder that nature has become decidedly top of mind — so much so that we can't help but want to always surround ourselves with natural beauty. Clearly, we’re not alone, because Instagram's flora and fauna-inspired jewellery trend is quickly growing. And it could be just the thing to try if you've been itching to get back to nature.

Super natural jewellery

It’s no secret that the natural world is a constant source of inspiration for jewellery (and fashion in general). From bold botanical statement pieces to delicate, prettier jewels, the spring/summer ‘21 runways paid tribute to Mother Nature with a round-up of awe-inspiring wearable jewellery that cleverly takes cues from our natural surroundings. From woodland wildlife to the English countryside, this season sees us mixing, matching, layering and stacking our earth-inspired bling with wristwatches being the star of the show.

And it’s Olivia Burton who is leading the way when it comes to nailing nature in all its beauty. Nature is at the heart of the fashion-led watch brand, so it only seems fitting that the London-based designers would take inspiration from our very own British countryside to create their blooming designs – just in time for summer. If that wasn’t pretty enough, they’ve added a dash of vintage into the mix for an unapologetic feminine interpretation of all things floral, while ticking pretty much every key nature trend for the season. Cue sweet honeybees, painterly flowers and celestial styles with must-have moon and stars. Coming up is how to nail the nature-inspired jewellery trend with the Olivia Burton pieces we’re loving right now. But first, who are the brains behind the brand?

Two heads are better than one

In 2011, two fashion students took the plunge and started a watch brand from their kitchen table, using up every last penny of their savings. Since then, best friends Jemma Fennings and Lesa Bennett have continued to carve out a nifty niche for reasonably priced watches (and now jewellery) that – crucially – don’t compromise on design or quality.

Treasure forever pieces

Renowned for mixing vintage style with catwalk trends, its designs are brought to life at the brand’s pretty East London studio, where Jemma and Lesa work closely with their small team to ensure every piece is tweaked to perfection. Think intricate hand-illustrations, beautiful references to nature and must-have colour palettes. The result is beautifully made, surprisingly versatile treasure forever pieces.

The birds and the bees

From its painterly hummingbirds to its celestial stars and dancing dragonflies the H. Samuel Olivia Burton jewellery and watch selection has nature reigning supreme. But it’s the best-selling 3D honeybee featured in its We Love Bees collection, that is very much the signature of the brand’s standout pieces. The glimpse of summer we’ve been waiting for. Bold yet delicate, it’s the perfect motif to elevate any look.

How to wear nature-inspired jewellery the fashion-girl way

The beauty of jewellery inspired by the natural world lies in its design. Its colours and features are whimsical, romantic, and most importantly versatile – as nature will never go out of style. As a result, it pairs well with everything, and it instantly elevates any ensemble.

Time is a precious gift

We may rely on our iPhones when we're looking for the time, but that doesn't mean we've stopped wearing watches. After all, they have the same styling power as a bracelet or a necklace, and they're practical and efficient, too. Which is where Olivia Burton’s timeless, yet on-trend everyday styles come in. Watches are a lot like rings in that if you wear them, you probably rarely take yours off. But while you may play favourites with your go-to piece, there's an art to learning how to style a watch so that it looks not just functional but enviable as well. Why not try coordinating your Olivia Burton watch with the brand’s nature-inspired rings and bracelets for a cohesive jewellery look? We love how easily a matching ring and coordinating bracelet can bring the nostalgic flutter of a butterfly detail to the forefront.

Something is a-buzz

Thinking of summer, one usually conjures images of budding pink blooms, butterflies and...err, the sun, maybe? But this year, the jewellery world has us focussing on a different sort of animal. The pollen carriers that make the blossom possible. Yep, that's right: bees. An Olivia Burton favourite, these little critters are buzzing their way onto an ear lobe or wrist near you, 'bee bling', as we're calling it, is all the rage.

Colours of the rainbow

Your summer wardrobe is about to get a whole lot more exciting. And magical. Thanks to one nature-inspired jewellery movement that's bursting with colour. The rainbow jewellery trend continues to power on full speed ahead and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Olivia Burton has technicolour everything of late, infusing watches, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with eye-popping pigments – after all, it can’t get more nature-inspired than this natural phenomenon, can it?

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