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Ring stacking stackable rings


Discover our ring stacking guide and get inspired with tips and tricks on how to stack your silver, diamond or gemstone rings to create a look that's truly unique and different, each and every time.

1 September 2020 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

As we slowly but surely begin to approach the festive season, it’s only fitting that we replace the old saying of ‘less is more’ with a full-on decorative approach instead!

Stacking jewellery and adorning your fingers with multiple rings first made an impression on the fashion industry in 2013. It has since become a popular trend amongst bloggers, celebrities and even royalty.

Luckily for us, there are many perks on the back of this trend, so it’s no surprise that ring stacking is here to stay. With so many statement and simple designs to choose from, mixing, matching, and stacking your rings can add a beautiful and personalised touch to any outfit. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your existing, and perhaps somewhat neglected pieces, by combining them to create a totally unique look.

The best part about stacking your rings is that there are no set rules when it comes to picking and choosing your pieces! It’s entirely down to you as an individual to come up with a special stack that is entirely your own. We’ve put together a quick guide to successfully stacking your rings. Including some handy tips and ring inspirations, perfect if you’re just starting out your layering journey.

It’s a known fact that rings are one of the simplest jewellery pieces that can be layered together. Whether you prefer to take a minimalist approach and wear just one ring on several fingers or make a bolder statement with several rings on one finger, there are so many fun and stylish options to experiment with.


Get creative with your mixed metals and gems! This was once considered a major faux pas, however some of today’s best jewellery looks include various shades of silvers, golds, and coloured gems.

If you prefer to keep your outfits simple, working with coloured gems or classic diamonds can really elevate the final look by adding a dramatic and bold finish. You can also use gems to your advantage when you’re opting for a chic or evening appropriate look, especially when you work with rich jewel tones such as sapphires, rubies and emerald greens. You can also use gems in varied hues from the same colour family for a subtle sparkle.

Don't shy away from blending different metal types to create your favourite stack. Mixing a variety of textures and colours, such yellow gold with white and rose gold helps to create an effortless approach and adds to the visual appeal of stacking. Show your individuality and eye for detail by dispersing the different colours and metals evenly - if you have a statement ring or a favourite that you want to showcase, consider wearing it solo and stacking alternative fingers that surround that special piece instead.

Whatever you choose, just always remember that stacking rings isn’t about matching every little detail, so have fun experimenting with different designs and styles to perfectly represent your individuality.


If you've fallen out of love with some of the rings in your existing collection of jewellery, stacking is the perfect way to see them in a new light. Even old-fashioned gifts or hand-me-downs can get a major facelift when combined with more modern styles – this can very easily include your engagement ring and wedding band too! If you’re simply no longer connected to your rings the way you once did, you can rid any sense of guilt by simply adding another gorgeous ring or two to the same finger.

Longing for something a little different? Create your own story by pairing a coloured gem ring with your diamond or mix and match a simple band with varying metal textures and colours for a modern refresh.


Most importantly in the stacking process is to run with your imagination. How many rings you choose to wear on each fingers is completely up to you, but for a pro touch, you're better off varying it from finger to finger – simply see what looks and feels right! Stacking rings gives you countless new ways to express your style and mood, as well as helping you to fall back in love with jewellery that you once enjoyed wearing.

Don’t hesitate to wear rings of different widths together. Try to pair a skinny band with a thick and chunky ring and stagger your stones so the gems don't line up vertically. It looks beautifully coordinated and is lot more comfortable if you intend on wearing your stack all day long.

Whether you’re stacking slim gold bands with a chunky gemstone statement ring or deciding to mix and match precious metals, we have a range of beautiful options available both online and in-stores, that can be effortlessly grouped together to create a new stacked look each and every time. Head over to browse a selection ranging from yellow, rose or white gold to timeless gemstone or diamond rings, or make matters easier by opting for stackable rings that have been specially designed to effortlessly style and build your collection