Top 5 Mother's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day can be tricky. What do you get the person that fed you, bathed you and kissed your cuts and scrapes better from the day you were born?

Maybe the flowers that you've bought her for the last five years are becoming a bit predictable, maybe chocolates won't really be appreciated, and maybe she'll be disappointed with just a card (even those giant pop-up ones).

So we've put together some great gift ideas that will truly treat the most special lady in your life.

In no particular order, here are our top 5 gift ideas for Mother's Day 2018:

Add to her unique style with Chamilia

Get your mum's Chamilia collection off to a flying start with our special collection of mum-inspired Chamilia beads and charms.

Get her flowers from Cath Kidston

Known worldwide for their funky floral design, our collection of Cath Kidston watches make for the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Whether she's a lover of bold and bright colours or prefers a more sophisticated and subdued look, this range definitely has something for everyone..

Stunning Earrings for Under £50

Add glitz and glamour into her life for less than a meal at your local restaurant. Our vast range of earrings include different shapes, sizes and styles.

Give Her Your Heart

What says “I love you” more than giving someone your heart – or at least a heart-shaped gift. We have some stunning jewellery and charming gifts that will make your mother's heart melt. Luckily, her heart-inspired gift won't.

Beautiful Necklaces for Under £50

Get your mother a necklace that makes a statement – but doesn't leave you with a negative bank statement. Our range of elegant, distinctive and attention-grabbing necklaces are beautifully crafted and are of the highest quality, perfect for a Mother's Day gift this year.

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