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Model wearing birthstone necklace


From deep sapphires to fiery rubies and lush emeralds, juicy coloured jewels are in vogue. Here's what you should be stacking, layering, and popping the question with (diamonds, move over) this season. Because why be one shade when you can be the whole palette?

04 April 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

Technicolour brights are taking over our jewellery box, as diamonds share their throne with an array of semi-precious stones. And we fully intend to embrace nature’s kaleidoscope of coloured gems, which, it seems, has jumped off the rainbow and onto our fingers, ears, wrists, and necks.

Whether you’re looking for something bright or something subtle, there’s a shade for everyone (and every month, yes, birthstones are neatly wrapped up within the colour trend too). So, it makes sense why so many fashion folk and celebs have been adopting pops of colour in their ear stacks and layering their necklines with multiple stones that represent themselves or someone they love.

Don’t just take our word for it; if you follow Hailey Bieber on Instagram, you know that her jewellery collection is alive with colour. Even when she’s just wearing joggers, she’s always dripping in gold mixed with gemstones. With her hoop earrings, chunky rings, and layers of chains, she’s living, breathing proof that coloured jewellery has eclipsed diamonds (for now) as the jewel du jour.

And if that’s not enough, colour is infiltrating the engagement ring world too, check out Megan Fox's emerald toi et moi ring, Anna Kournikova’s pink pear-cut and Penelope Cruz’s vintage sapphire halo for undeniable proof that your dream ‘yes’ ring may in fact not be a diamond (gasp). Ahead, see our favourite takes on the colour trend, from birthstone necklaces to bridal sets and, engagement rings especially for men (because why should women have all the fun?)

Birthstone bright

We love jewellery. But it we’re being honest a little personalisation always makes our favourite pieces feel more special. While personalised jewellery may not be new (nameplates and initials have been enjoying a major comeback recently), we’re delighted to say that we’re seeing a specific style of the trend climb to the top spot: yes, birthstones are big again – and if you’re celebrating a birthday, there’s no better way to treat yourself – or them – than to a new (and pleasingly colourful) addition to your jewellery box. Sure, you’ll be familiar with the classics – diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, but when you break down the birthstones by month, you’ll see that the precious stones go far beyond these, and they’re gorgeous, too.

Things have changed since we wore our birthstone on a velvet choker circa 1995. This time round, they’re cooler and way more wearable, thanks to dainty designs that can be easily layered. If you’re in the mood to wear jewellery that feels specific to you, then be sure to stack birthstones for you and your loved ones for an enviable #neckmess. Or simply, mix and match your favourites for a style that suits you.

Say yes to coloured gems

We've been all over coloured engagement rings for a while now, so we’re delighted to see gemstones eclipse diamonds as the stone of choice for popping the question (for now). The 2022 couple wants to do things differently; they want to express their personal style and choose a ring that reflects them which is why, this year, is all about putting a twist on traditional styles that put gemstones centre stage. Case in point: Megan Fox’s engagement ring has a diamond and emerald for her and Machine Gun Kelly’s April and May birthstone. And, of course, gemstones also come with their own unique meaning that’s specific to you, making the ring that bit more special.

If you’re stepping away from the classic tried-and-tested solitaire but like the idea of simplicity, then we’ve got the perfect solution. Nail two trends in one and opt for bridal sets with coloured stones. Look for serene aquamarine for the perfect something blue, dream-catching iolite or pink tourmaline for a ring that symbolises loyalty and devotion. Scroll for the most beautiful gemstone engagement rings we’re currently obsessing over.

Mangagement rings

Listen up, marriage has moved on from the days of dowries and vows talking about ‘obeying’, it’s an equal partnership and with that comes equal amounts of sparkle on the fourth finger of the left hand. Enter the mangagement ring (a term coined by Johnny Depp, so must be cool, right?) No, that’s not a typo. Mangagement rings are a thing. And they’re exactly what they sound like: engagement rings for men. We’re all familiar with female celebs and their unique rings (most of which are visible from at least a football field away), but what about men’s engagement rings? It’s time they got some attention. Even everyone’s favourite ginger singer, Ed Sheeran has made us want a chic silver band (and rock a guitar) since 2017. For a bang-on-trend, modern-day 2022 proposal, look for ones inspired by classic signet rings that come with meaningful stones, including malachite for unconditional love, sodalite for wisdom and red jasper for creativity. Moral of the story? If you like it, put a mangagement ring on it.