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Vintage Jewellery for a Bridgerton Inspired Look

If you’re anything like us, you’ve almost certainly been inspired by the luxury and elegance of Netflix’s new period drama, Bridgerton. As well as being so hooked on the steamy storylines and evocative characters, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot more to the show that has caught our attention.

05 February 2021 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

Whether it’s the stunning gowns, the lavish hairstyles, or the iconic sets, many fans alike have been taken by the world of Bridgerton’s extraordinary and exquisite attention to detail. Most of all, it’s the gorgeous vintage jewellery that has really captured the hearts of Bridgerton fans the world over, us included. From extravagant bejewelled vintage jewellery to perfectly proper costume vintage jewellery, there is simply so much to adore.

As the production of season 2 is set to begin in Spring 2021, now is the perfect time to take a closer look at some of the antique and vintage jewellery showcased in season 1. Here is our guide to vintage jewellery for a Bridgerton inspired look, in time for the new release.

Dazzle like Daphne with vintage jewellery

Bridgerton’s spectacular first series follows young Daphne Bridgerton as she embarks on her debut season as a budding socialite. And what a start to her social career she had, with Queen Charlotte declaring her the season’s incomparable.

Although Daphne is in for a few twists and turns throughout the series, she is also adorned by some truly stunning vintage jewellery along the way…

Diamond of the season

Following a series of attempted courtships, Daphne captures the imagination of Prince Friedrich who invites her to the Queen’s palace, where he gifts her a vintage diamond necklace. Although things don’t work out in the end for Daphne and the prince, the diamond necklace she receives is one of the truly iconic pieces of vintage jewellery showcased in Bridgerton’s first series.

Preparing for your debut season? Here at H.Samuel, we have a huge range of gorgeous vintage diamond jewellery to explore, you’re certain to find something to elevate your look.

Say ‘I do’ to pearls

Daphne finally gets her prince charming in episode 5, where we also get a brief glimpse of her wedding ring during the ceremony. As every bit as beautiful as Daphne herself, the ring features a gorgeous cluster of pearls, which is both charming and elegant in design.

Whether you are looking for an iconic pearl ring to emulate Daphne’s stunning wedding band or a pearl necklace to really complete your look, explore the timeless collection of pearl jewellery at H.Samuel.

Present yourself like Penelope with vintage necklaces

Whilst Penelope might be one of the more lovelorn ladies of Bridgerton – she is a Featherington after all – her vintage jewellery collection sure is enough to make us fall in love! Penelope can be quiet and reserved, but make no mistake about it, as she is certainly no wallflower! She is quick-witted and kind, and can often be found expressing herself with a vintage necklace or two.

Chunky necklaces were certainly on trend within social circles in Regency-era London, as demonstrated by Penelope’s stunning princess-like collection. If subtle necklaces are more to your taste however, you would have also been dazzled on numerous occasions by her delicately refined pieces throughout Bridgerton’s 8 episodes, including some gorgeous blue stone necklaces. Explore our stunning vintage style necklace collection at H.Samuel to find something to really bring your look to life.

Enchant like Eloise with vintage earrings

Whilst Daphne steals the stage in her first season on the social circuit, her sister Eloise Bridgerton has not quite reached marriageable age. This doesn’t stop her from making her mark, however. Eloise is feisty, rebellious and certainly not one to shy away from the limelight.

Looking to stand out like Eloise? Discover our collection of vintage style earrings to find the perfect pair that will elevate your look and compliment your independent outlook on life.

Explore the world of vintage jewellery at H.Samuel

Whether you are looking for vintage style rings, necklaces, bracelets, or vintage inspired body jewellery, our stunning antique and vintage style collections at H.Samuel are all you could possibly need to give you all the Bridgerton feels and make the show come to life.

You may be a debutant like Daphne with spectacular gala events to attend, or you might be an established socialite planning a fun-filled weekend with girls at some point in the future. Whatever the occasion, explore vintage jewellery with H.Samuel today for the perfect Bridgerton inspired look.