The cost of a bride tribe

The cost of a bride tribe - Bride Tribe - H.Samuel

Every newly-engaged bride has a group of ladies they just can't imagine saying "I do" without. Whether they're your sisters or childhood besties, those special women deserve a place in your bride tribe.

A bride tribe is a close-knit group made up of your A-team, your wing-women, your lifelong supporters. From helping you make wedding favours to tackling dress-induced meltdowns, they'll be on- hand to support you every step of the way when planning your big day. That’s why it's so important to create a bridal party you can rely on.

While choosing who to have in your bride tribe, cost should be a key consideration. Our recent Bride Tribe survey found a bride spends, on average, £229 on each bridesmaid. And with the average price of a wedding in the UK standing at a whopping £27,161, money is bound to play a big part in your decision making process.

Pick up hints and tips for creating your dream bride tribe with our handy guide.

How to choose your bride tribe

Who will help you get wedding day-ready and be by your side as you walk down the aisle? Our data found brides, on average, chose three special ladies to be in their bride tribe. And the majority selected women they'd known for more than 21 years. But time doesn’t have to dictate your decision. Go with your gut and pick the people who you want to share those precious memories with, those you're closest to, who can be honest with you and handle the most difficult of dilemmas.

Start the process off by making a list of your nearest and dearest who you'd love to be part of your bride tribe. Then consider each person you've picked - will they get along with the others? Will they be on hand to help you? Are you choosing them because you feel obliged to? Take your time, narrow down your list if necessary and sleep on your final decision.

Be mindful of cost

With your final list of ladies in mind, mull over the cost implications. While it may seem like a practicality, blowing your wedding budget on bridesmaids is something you may want to avoid.

Bridesmaid proposals are trending right now, with brides finding new and creative ways to pop the question, 'Will you be my bridesmaid?', to their tribe members. It’s the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. From customised cards and personalised bottles of fizz to beautiful pieces of jewellery, brides-to-be are spending an average £13.75 on each bridesmaid. This can quickly add up if you have a few ladies in your line-up. With your bride tribe asked and ready to help start planning your big day, more costs may come to light.

One of the most important decisions you'll likely make for your bride tribe is what they'll wear on your wedding day. You want your ladies to look and feel beautiful, in a gown that makes them stand out from the crowd. Our recent survey found brides are spending an average of £90.38 on each bridesmaid dress, with the majority opting for a classic A-line number, with shift dresses and halternecks not far behind. Experiment with different styles, colours and fits until you find a number that flatters your whole bride tribe.

Then you need to think about their accessories - jewellery, shoes and bags which will complement the dresses you've chosen. Silver pieces and kitten heels came out on top in our recent survey, the most popular choices for bridesmaids, costing £40.45 on average. It's not hard to see why they're most loved, as these classic picks look good on everyone and effortlessly complement a wide variety of dress types and colours.

A gorgeous fresh bunch of blooms is just what you need to finish off your bridesmaids' look. Add a beautiful floral bouquet into the equation and that’s another £43.34, on average, with roses the most popular choice in our recent survey. Work closely with your florist to select an arrangement that'll perfectly match your wedding colour palette and won't break the bank, either.

'Thank you' gifts are a must for most brides too, to show how much their tribe is appreciated - especially for all their help and support during the countdown to the big day. On average, these presents tend to cost £41.41. A thoughtful piece of her favourite designer jewellery is the perfect choice if you want to blow her away.

With a proposal present, dress, accessories, flowers and a thank you gift, a bride spends, on average, £229 on each member of their bride tribe. That’s why it's so important to consider the cost before you begin asking your favourite ladies to be your maids.

Ultimately, there are some women you just can't be without as you tie the knot. While it can cost upwards of £200 per bridesmaid, if they're important to you, it’ll be worth it when you're making memories on your wedding day. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs - it just takes a little flexibility and creativity.

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