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What are Signet Rings and How to Style Them

The signet ring has been a royal family fave for centuries, but it wasn’t until a certain royal stepped out in one did we take note. No longer just for aristocrats with family crests, different types of signet rings have been reimagined for 2022. Read on to find out how to style them and much more.

18 July 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

Complimenting the maximalism trend, signet rings are having a major moment this season and we’re fully backing the return of this classic. No longer just the ‘gentleman’s ring’, our fave celebs, royals and a lot of influencers on your feed, are proving these statement pieces are here to stay. From its long-lasting history to the variety of modern signet rings stealing the limelight today, we have all you need to know about the traditional jewellery piece.

The History of Signet Rings

Coming from the Latin word ‘signum’ which means ‘sign’, signet rings history traces all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. But what are signet rings used for? Frequently worn by leaders, they were once used to stamp documents by placing the face of the ring, historically engraved with a family crest, into hot wax. Not only was this deemed more authentic than a signature, but it showed a unique representation of the individual wearing it. During the fourteenth century signet rings had become a symbol of high class and authority, and by the nineteenth century, the designs became more elaborate with jewels and decorative features, which has influenced the modern signet rings worn today.

What Do Signet Rings Mean?

The meaning of signet rings is different for each individual who wears them, they can symbolise heritage and hold sentimental value or even represent a special moment in life. But who wears signet rings and the reason why they wear them has changed over time. The historical ring designed for men of leadership has now become one of the hottest jewellery trends of this season, rocked by both men and women. The love for signet rings is influenced by their authenticity of them, as each ring brings a sense of uniqueness that allows you to show off your personal style.

The Types of Signet Rings

signet rings
signet rings

Although traditional signet rings are associated with a family’s heritage and are often passed down through the generations, they have now become a symbolisation of individuality and eccentric style. Offering a contemporary flare, signet rings come in an array of distinctive designs and materials, making them a popular and versatile accessory for every look. From bright birthstones and juicy jewels embedded in a silver or gold signet ring, to a plain titanium signet ring, you can go as bold or as minimal as you like.

Alongside the gorgeous stones, signet rings also differ in shape and size. The classic round signet ring is a common choice due to its easy-to-wear style and sophisticated look, in addition, the square signet ring subtly adapts the face of the ring without sacrificing the original signet style, its large rectangular front makes it a hit amongst statement-makers.

How to Wear a Signet Ring

signet rings
men's jewellery

Signet rings have proven they never really go out of style, they’re a timeless piece that adds a finishing touch to every outfit. But what finger do you wear a signet ring on? The more the merrier in our opinion, don't just stop at wearing one on your pinkie, throw the rule book out, and stack them up. And why not mix your metals, add gemstones and a matching necklace, bracelet or earrings for maximum impact?

We love the stacked look, go edgy and mix up your favourite gems and shapes to make it personal to you. If mismatched isn’t quite your style, then you can always pair up. For women’s signet rings why not pair stone set signet rings with matching gemstone bracelets and necklaces. Or men’s signet rings can be perfectly matched to cufflinks or a luxury timepiece. There are no limits to expressing yourself through your jewellery, be unapologetic with your style, it’s all about what you love to wear and how you love to wear it.

A Style Renaissance

New trends are continuing to captivate the world of jewellery, but we love it when a true classic makes a comeback. Adding a touch of contemporary to a traditional design creates an irresistible appeal like no other. For more trend tips or style hacks book an appointment online or in-store to speak to our team.