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Wedding Guides Introduction

The wearing of wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand began with the Ancient Egyptians, who believed that this finger contained the "vena amoris", the vein of love that runs directly to the heart. By placing a continuous band of precious metal on this finger, it was thought that you ensured your everlasting love.

We’ve incorporated everything you’ll want and need to know in this easy-to-follow guide, with informative content on style considerations and wedding ring settings, as well as information that will help you choose the ideal metal, band width and ring shape for you. So have fun with the shopping experience; enjoy the guide and making your special wedding ring purchase confidently with H Samuel.

Planning your purchase guide

Planning Your Purchase

Don't leave the wedding band up until the last minute. The earlier you prepare for this purchase, the easier and more enjoyable it will be.
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Style Considerations

Wedding rings come in different styles, metals, shapes and sizes, and it's important to choose the right ring to suit you and your lifestyle.
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Wedding Ring BandWidth Guide

Band Widths

Generally you’ll want to choose a wedding band with a width that will flatter your hand and finger size. So which size should you choose?
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Wedding Ring Shape&Fit Guide

Shape & Fit

There are three different shapes to wedding rings including court shaped, shaped and 'D' shaped that offer different styles and comfort.
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Wedding&Bridal Sets Guide

Wedding & Bridal Sets

Choosing a wedding set will allow your rings match as a couple and a bridal set will leave you with a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band.
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Wedding Ring Settings Guide

Wedding Band Settings

There are different wedding ring settings to suit various tastes, from plain, patterned to stone-set for a range of personal styles.
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Wedding Ring Metals Guide

Wedding Ring Metals

Wedding rings come in various types of metals, offering different looks and feels. The type you choose is important, both for its style and longevity.
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