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  • barometer


    Calculates weather by the atmospheric pressure tendency. A graphic display shows readings that are taken at regular intervals to reveal pressure trends.

  • Auto Light Switch

    Many outdoor activities require both hands, so you don’t always have one free to illuminate your watch face. The Auto Light switch allows you to illuminate your watch face by simply turning your wrist to its viewing position.

  • Thermometer

    Based on the temperature at your current location the thermometer will predict the temperature at your destination.

  • Powered by Light

    (Tough Solar) Promises steady operation of various functions, including dial lighting, alarms, stopwatches and measurement functions.

  • Tide Graph

    Helps you to determine the best time and method for fishing when planning your next outing.

  • Altimeter

    Measures altitude based on changes in atmospheric pressure. The pressure sensor measures atmospheric pressure changes and establishes the altitude based at your location.

  • Radio Controlled

    (Multiband 6) Obtain standard time-calibration signals from six transmission stations worldwide and correct time for the Japanese, North American. European and Chinese regions.

  • Digital Compass

    If you determine magnetic North with the direction measurement function and place a map next to your watch, you can align the map with the surrounding geography.