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Men's Engagement Rings at H.Samuel

03 February 2009

H.Samuel has launched a collection of men's engagement rings. In the UK we buy around 300,000 female engagement rings a year, with H.Samuel selling the equivalent of around one in three of these, but this is the first time it has ever sold one for men.

The Ring Collection

Crafted from Titanium, styled for a masculine finish and set with a dazzling diamond, men's engagement rings not only look good, but also perfectly symbolises your love as well declaring to the world that your man is taken.

The Tioro

The main ring in this collection is the Tioro. A titanium band with a discreet diamond embedded in it and a double groove detail. A stylish and masculine piece of jewellery, the ring is also unique enough to stand out as something a little different, clearly marking your man as engaged. And at £79.99, it is not going to leave you out of pocket - particularly as this compares well to the average £1,200-1,500 men spend on their fiancée's engagement sparkler.

More Men's Rings

Further to the Tioro, H.Samuel also has four other men's engagement rings. Equally stylish, the rest of the collection features designs based around titanium, diamond and groove motifs. So if the Tioro isn't his style one of the other rings will be.

Your Wishes Come True

Introduced after requests from H.Samuel's customers, the men's engagement ring is already fashionable all over Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. H.Samuel believes demand for a male engagement ring is also, partly, down to equality, as more women now propose to their partners, and not just in leap years. Another reason for the demand could also be the increase in popularity for civil partnerships.

First among equals

H.Samuel buying controller Natasha Gregory said: "Women are no longer waiting until the man pops the question. We are equals in the workplace, equals in our relationships and we make our own decisions.

Are You Asking Me?

"Over 60% of our customers think it's a good idea for women to ask men to marry them - and many are currently sealing the deal with watches and other jewellery. The men's engagement ring is a clear message to everyone that a man is going to be married and also works perfectly for civil partnerships."

Brief tradition

Male engagement rings are worn in Spain and Scandinavia, amongst other countries, and are fast becoming popular in the UK. The tradition with men's engagement rings is that the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and then moved across to the ring finger on the right hand at the wedding ceremony, to be replaced by the wedding ring.

A Statement of Love

Whether you turn the tables and do the proposing yourself, or if you just want your man to wear a ring symbolising your engagement after he has proposed to you, the men's engagement ring is a true statement of love.

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