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Welcome to H.Samuel Brand Misspells Page

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Welcome to H.Samuel

You have come to this page because you have misspelt our name, H.Samuel, in your browser. To find out more about brand misspells, please read on or continue to our homepage.

H.Samuel or H.Samual?

At H.Samuel we like to look after our customers and make sure that they have a good time in our shops and on our website. We know from experience that it is easy to make typos, leave out a full stop or misspell our name when entering it into your browser.

Is it an a or an e, Samuel or Samual, H.Samels or H.Samuel? We appreciate that mistakes happen and we don't want your experience on our website to be ruined by a silly little thing like a typing error. To stop this, we have created this page and allowed for errors and typos.

So, whether you type Samual Jeweller, H.Samual, HM. Samual or one of the many other common errors that we have taken into account, you will still get through to our website.

Internet shopping isn't easy, but it is necessary…

Everyone makes mistakes at some point when they are using the internet. It isn't easy to remember the exact spelling of every website and brand that you are looking for. At some point you will slip up, everybody does. You never know, maybe you will write hsameul instead of H.Samuel into your browser.

On the internet it is easy to make mistakes like this. When you are walking down the high street, all you have to do is remember where the shops are. When you are using the internet, you have to remember so many different things. You have to remember the names of the website or if it is co.uk, .com or .net. Is it any wonder we get confused and make errors?

Helps you say it better…

At H.Samuel, or Hsammuals if you prefer, we want to make sure that you can find our website easily. So if you can't remember our url, web address or simply how to spell our name you will still come straight through to our website if you make a mistake. This is because we have prepared for this so that your shopping experience and time on the internet is easier, more fun and stress free.

To do this we buy the domain name for misspelled versions of our website. We analyse our error data, which is a list of typos made by customers trying to get on to our website, and we make a list of the most common errors. Here are some for you to look at:

  • Samual, HM Samual,
  • Hsamuals, hsammuel, Samuals Jewellers
  • Samuels, H M Samuel

It is easy to see how these mistakes happen, and these are just a few of the many on our lists. Some of them are very funny, but they won't get you sent to an error page, all of them will take you straight to the website.

Enjoyable shopping

So, whether you have written Samual, samuals, HM Samuel, H Samual or h.samules, you will still get through to us at www.hsamuel.co.uk.

We hope that you enjoy your time on our website and we appreciate any suggestions or observations that you may have. Please send your thoughts to enquiries@hsamuel.co.uk.