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The Lilliput Lane collection at H.Samuel is ideal to give as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, to say 'Thank you' or just because, Lilliput Lane collectibles are also fun to collect and keep for yourself.

Founded in 1982, Lilliput Lane leads the world in the production of handcrafted, hand-painted miniature cottages. All Lilliput Lane models are produced in the United Kingdom.

How Lilliput Lane is created

Each Lilliput Lane model at H.Samuel goes through a long, technically challenging production process. It begins with a team of sculptors who scour the countryside in search of outstanding and interesting buildings. When such a building is found, it is photographed extensively.

The sculptor then carves the basic shape from a block of specially produced wax. When complete, detail is added. This is a slow and very intricate process. If the Lilliput Lane building has a tiled roof, each tile will be carefully cut from a sheet of wax, and painstakingly applied individually by hand. The size and intricacy of a model dictates how long it will take to sculpt - from a couple of weeks for a small piece to several months for a very large edition.

The tooling department takes over for the next stage. A complex system of moulds and cases are made, resulting in a sophisticated silicone master mould. It is from these 'master' moulds that casts are made using Amorphite™. This specially produced material ensures that intricate detail can be clearly seen.

Meanwhile, a team of artists will be working on coloration for the final collectible model. As many as thirty coloured versions of one model can be painted before a decision is made on the one that looks the most realistic.

Casts then pass to the painting studios, where specially trained artists bring each model to life. Painting a Lilliput Lane cottage requires a steady hand, a good eye and plenty of skill. The larger models can take hours to complete. After painting, special embellishments, such as people and or animals, are added.

Every model undergoes rigorous quality checks at every stage of its production. Only perfect models leave the studios.

Our Lilliput Lane collection is constantly updated and often features exclusives and limited editions, so check in regularly so that you don't miss out.

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