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  1. 32nd Anniversary- Anniversary Gifts - H. Samuel the Jeweller adulthood, you may havecut back your working hours or retired, and you can now begin toembark on NEW adventures together as a couple. Some elaborate giftideas could be booking plane tickets to a tropical destination orboarding on a romantic cru... Read more
  2. Abalone Gemstones Guide- Jewellery Gemstone Guide - H. Samuel the Jeweller
    ...lone is found worldwide. There are a number of abalone species, most arefound in the cold waters of NEW Zealand, Australia, Great Britain,South America and the Caribbean. Shop allabalone jewellery now Agate You might also like Introduction to Gems... Read more
  3. Diamonds in Rhythm | H. Samuel the Jeweller - H. Samuel the Jeweller
    ...ittering diamond jewellery featuring a revolutionary, patented design. The setting is an innovative NEW jewellery concept which allows the stone to vibrate to create a consistent, beautiful sparkle. The diamonds are set at a precise angle which en... Read more
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