Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring Styles

Ring Style

As you begin to explore the world of engagement rings, you’ll soon begin to see and hear a range of unfamiliar terms such as claw or pavé settings and ‘princess cut’ diamonds, and you may be unsure as to whether or not you should look into coloured gemstones. These guides have been created to explain the various ring style options in more detail and to give you a better understanding.

Engagement Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring Style Guide

When shopping for an engagement ring, start at the beginning and explore the style of ring that you think she’ll adore.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings

The setting of your engagement ring influences the overall design and is a key factor that you will want to consider carefully.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Coloured Engagement Rings

Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Coloured gemstones are the perfect choice for bold engagement rings that make a statement and are a great way to express individual style.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Bridal Sets

Considering an Engagement Ring With a Matching Band

Many people match their engagement ring to their wedding band and some couples choose to match each other. Find out if matching rings is the right choice for you.
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Engagement Ring Style Guide. Diamonds that Sparkle

Diamonds with the Most Sparkle

There’s no doubt that a sparkling diamond engagement ring draws people’s attention, and with your dazzling diamond engagement ring, you’ll be ready to join them.
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