Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Citizen Watches

Citizen is one of the best known, biggest selling and most technologically advanced watch manufacturers in the world. Creating stylish and elegant watches for work or play, Citizen watches also feature innovative and ground breaking technology such as Eco-Drive and radio controlled watches.

A Brief History

Citizen watches was founded in 1924 and took its name from the desire to be close to the hearts of people everywhere. In the following 85 years Citizen has become one of the largest watchmakers in the world. Citizen is also a world leader in technology. From the world's slimmest LCD watch to the first voice recognition watch and the world's first pro diving watch with an electrical depth sensor, Citizen watches has an unparalleled record of world firsts. Renowned for innovation and market leading technology and design across a wide range of budgets, the Citizen watch collection at H.Samuel has something for everyone.

Award Winning Watches

Citizen is also a multi award winning brand. Over the years it has won Watch Brand of the year 4 years running, Supplier of the Year twice and the Horological Innovation of the year award. Citizen is proud of its awards and feel that they give customers confidence in the quality of the watch they are purchasing.

Citizen Watches

Into the Future

With the introduction of the Citizen Skyhawk Citizen A-T radio controlled atomic-timekeeping flight chronograph watches, Citizen has successfully furthered its claim as a leader in timekeeping technology and style. Ensuring pin point time keeping and accuracy, combined with the Eco-Drive system, this is the ultimate in long lasting and accurate timekeeping.

Citizen Sports Watches

As a result of its pre-eminence in sales and technology, the Citizen brand has also become associated with leading sporting events. Citizen will be seen by millions on terrestrial and satellite television in several key sporting events this year. Citizen also sponsors the US open where it has been the official time keepers of this prestigious event for many years.

Citizen Ambassadors, British Heroes

Kevin Pietersen, one of the world's greatest batsmen, is the face of Citizen's men's watches advertising campaign. A truly great sportsman with a superb track record and unstoppable sporting achievements, Kevin Pietersen is the ideal brand ambassador for Citizen's unstoppable watches. Citizen are also proud to support the RAF Red Arrows. The world renowned aerobatics display team. Celebrating their 50th year, their reputation is built on commitment and professionalism making them the perfect partners for Citizen.

Citizen History and Innovation

Citizen's tradition and history of association with excellence through their ambassadors and sporting events is borne out in the collection of stylish, Eco-Drive sports watches, available at H.Samuel.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches at H.Samuel

The Citizen Eco-Drive system marks a revolutionary point in watch technology. Featuring the Citizen 5 Year Guarantee and a light powered system that can be charged continuously from any light source, the Eco-Drive system is not only a technological advance in watch making, but it is also friendly to the environment as it doesn't use batteries

Light Powered Technology

Citizen pioneered light-powered technology and now with advanced, award winning technology it is the top mid-priced watch brand in the UK. The Citizen Eco-Drive watch absorbs sunlight and artificial light through the dial and converts this into electrical energy in order to power the watch. With regular exposure to light, the Eco-Drive watches continuously recharge themselves for a lifetime of use. The Citizen Eco-Drive's revolutionary lithium-ion rechargeable cell stores enough energy to power the watch for up to an amazing 7 years (depending on the model). As a result, your Citizen Eco-Drive watch will never need to have a battery changed, simply put it on and wear it with confidence.

Atomic Timekeeping

Citizen is a pioneer in Radio-Controlled Atomic Timekeeping. Atomic clocks use the vibrations of atoms for extreme precision. These clocks then send out radio waves which transmit the exact time to your watch.

Satellite Timekeeping System

Citizen's innovative Satellite Timekeeping System is the ultimate in accuracy. This advanced timekeeping system gathers information from the closest orbital satellite circling the earth, capturing day, date and time signals before beaming them directly back to your watch.

5 Year Guarantee

As Citizen has become one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world they have every confidence in the quality and reliability of their watches. To demonstrate their confidence Citizen offer an impressive 5 year guarantee on all of their watches.

Saving the Environment

Not only is it economical to never have to change the battery, it is also environmentally friendly. Citizen has kept more than 55 million batteries out of landfill sites, which can leach chemicals and pollute. So make an Eco- difference with citizen Eco-Drive.