Alice in Wonderland – H.Samuel Press Day AW15

Venture down the rabbit hole with H.Samuel and into a land of wonder where things are bright, bold and beautiful!

Last week saw us host our annual Christmas press day, and seeing as our curiosity is always peaked at the sight of our upcoming beautiful products, what better a theme than Alice in Wonderland? Curiouser and curiouser!

Battling heat waves and tube strikes, down we went, just like Alice, into a mystical, magical world where time stood still and nothing was quite as it seemed!

Off we went to explore, led by a white rabbit who was late for a very important date! Perhaps his beautiful golden pocket watch hadn’t been wound properly? Or perhaps it was time for a new watch style?

pr watches Collage

Further on we looked all around us for some sense, but with the Mad Hatter as our guide, we looked and looked but all we could find was a shimmering, bejewelled tea party!

tea Collage

We stumbled back on our path, but before we knew it we had shrunk down and down, and were suddenly surrounded by lustrous golden pieces of breathtaking beauty and glamour!

jewls Collage

Entranced by the dazzling diamonds and gorgeous gems around us, we ran right into the Queen of Hearts, who insisted all the roses should be painted red!

pr roses collage

With no idea what we would come across next, we awoke in a stunning secret London location…as if it had been nothing but a dream…

Why not view our stunning pinterest board where you can find more of the beautiful pieces featured during this most wonderful of Wonderland experiences!