New In Forever Diamond

New In Forever Diamond

These diamonds are forever! It’s literally in the name!

Forever Diamond is exclusive to H.Samuel and each stone is unique in its cut and quality – and now there are brand new pieces that are sure to make you pine, yearn and crave some extra sparkle in your life.

Forever Diamond Rings

1 18ct White Gold 1/5ct Solitaire Ring £999 6215874; 2 18ct Yellow Gold 1/3ct Ring £1599 6212379; 3 Platinum 1 Carat Forever Diamond Ring £7999 6212921

Diamonds with a difference

The Forever Diamond has a unique flower cut featuring 73 beautifully proportioned facets, 15 more than the average brilliant cut diamond.

The result is exceptional sparkle and radiance, as more facets means there are more surfaces for light to bounce off.

This cut is exclusive to H.Samuel, so it cannot be found anywhere else on the marketplace, making it even more special and unique.

Forever Diamond Rings & Jewellery

4 Platinum 0.28 Carat Forever Diamond Eternity Ring £1599 6213731;518ct White Gold 1/10 Carat Forever Diamond Pendant £699 6214037; 6 Palladium 1/4 Carat Forever Diamond Solitaire Ring £1050 6216285

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