Nature-Inspired Jewellery

Nature-Inspired Jewellery

The beauty of nature has been the inspiration for some of the most famous pieces of art: from Monet’s Water Lilies to Sting’s Fields of Gold. It has inspired everyone from songwriters to poets, landscape artists to classical composers.

And the world of jewellery is no exception.

Whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors or not – you simply cannot avoid mother nature when looking for that perfect piece of jewellery, or even a new watch.

When your rings just aren’t stacking up

What’s better than one beautiful ring? That’s right. More than one beautiful ring.

Chamilia’s collection of stunning stacking rings come in all shapes and sizes, including nature-inspired butterflies, flowers and intricate floral work.

Chamilia Stacking Rings

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Watch out! These watches are wild

Cath Kidston are famous the world over for their fabulous floral designs – and their collection of ladies’ watches are perfect to add some colour to your everyday style. Flower power!

Cath Kidston Watches

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