Get ready for British Summer Time

Get ready for British Summer Time

At 1am on Sunday 25th March 2018 the countries clocks are set to spring forward, giving us an hour less in bed (BOO!) but an extra hour of light in the evening (YAY!). Be prepared for the spring and summer months with a new watch from H.Samuel.

But to get you in the mood, here are some things you might not know about British Summer Time and how it has caused some controversy over the years.

  1. William Willett, great-great-grandfather of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, pioneered the idea in Britain in 1907 with a pamphlet titled “A Waste of Daylight”, when he became frustrated that his games of golf were being cut short due to the fading sunlight.
  2. During the First World War the need to save coal made the issue of daylight a hugely important topic. By moving the clocks forward people would use less coal and other fuels to heat and light their homes.
  3. Iceland, Belarus and Russia are the only European countries to not adopt this system, deciding to stay on the same time all year round.
  4. In 1968 Britain began a three-year experiment in which the whole country ran one hour ahead of Greenwich. This was rather confusingly called “British Standard Time”. The experiment ended in 1971 and it was decided by a large majority in the House of Commons that the country would revert back to the system of changing between British Summer Time (BST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  5. Founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, came up with the idea for Daylight Saving Time back in 1784. However, it wasn’t widely adopted around the world until 1966, nearly 180 years later.

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