Alternative Gifts for Children this Easter

Easter is synonymous with the giving of chocolate eggs of various sizes, wrapped up inside excessive packaging and resulting in some particularly hyper-active children. So rather than giving them yet more chocolate – and considering that family and friends will probably give them at least one chocolate egg anyway – we felt that it was worth considering some alternative Easter gifts for children.

All children are interested in different things and it’s important to give them gifts that reflect their own tastes and passions if you’re going to go with alternative gifts for children this year. The question is, however, where do you start? Christmas doesn’t seem that long ago and they’ve either had their birthday or they’ve got one coming up.

Here at H Samuel we think the best gifts for children are those that are likely to stand the test of time; the kind of presents that they will look at in a few years’ time and instantly remember that they got them at Easter in 2016. So in this guide to alternative Easter gifts for children we’ve included a few things for both boys and girls including watches, necklaces, earrings and bangles; and some of them even have the option to get personal messages engraved so that they can really cherish them.

If you’re child is starting to learn how to tell the time, then we have the ideal first watch for him or her with the Tikkers Teach Watches in Pink or Blue.

Tikkers teach Pink Watch Tikkers teach Blue Watch

They have a comfy silicone strap which will stand up to wear and tear from your little one, and the easy to read numbers around the edge make telling time easy and fun.

For a slightly older girl who remains your little princess then we have just the thing in the shape of the Children’s 9ct Gold ‘Little Princess’ Heart Locket with 14” chain.

Little Princess Gold Locket

This golden, heart-shaped locket has space inside for her to keep her most treasured pictures for years to come, looking back fondly at the loved ones who gave her the beautiful pendant in the first place. As the icing on the cake, it even features the words ‘Little Princess’ engraved across the locket. For something sparkling that they can wear for years to come we have the beautiful Children’s Sterling Silver Crystal Angel Pendant 14” that is every bit as glamorous as it sounds and a stunning gift for your little Angel.

Children's Sterling Silver Crystal Angel Pendant 14

Set with glistening cubic zirconia and made from sterling silver, this angelic girls’ necklace is the perfect gift for a girl who is growing up - and because it will look great both now and long into the future, she’ll always remember you and Easter 2016. It is finished with a smart 14-inch silver chain.

If you’re looking for a more subtle – but just as stylish – alternative Easter gift then we also have these Children’s Sterling Silver Bow earrings.

Children’s Sterling Silver Bow earrings

A beautiful gift for a young girl with pierced ears, these sterling silver earrings will look great for years to come whether she wears her hair up or down and regardless of her outfit. The bow designs have been engraved into the silver stud earrings for a long-lasting design.

Heart-shaped pendants are the kind of necklaces that girls wear right into adulthood, meaning they’re a timeless classic. While girls might receive them as childhood gifts, they’re never going to grow out of this particular style and this Children’s Sterling Silver Heart Pendant is no exception to that rule.

Children's Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

The hollow silver heart sits on an angle on the silver chain and is the ideal gift for a girl looking to start – or expand – her jewellery collection as she approaches her teenage years for a mature sense of style.

Finally, but by no means least, we have this cute Children’s Sterling Silver Expandable Peppa Pig bangle.

Children's Sterling Silver Expandable Peppa Pig Bangle

This easily adjustable bangle would make a great gift for a girl who loves the popular children’s television character; featuring Peppa herself on this sparkling accessory.

For more great alternative Easter gifts for children browse the H Samuel range of children’s gifts. If you or anyone you know receives a beautiful gift from our collection we’d love to see, so please share them with us on our Facebook page.