Festival Fashion Style Guide 2017

Festival Fashion Style Guide 2017

This weekend marks the true start of the British summer and the festival season with Glastonbury Music Festival getting underway.

And whether the weather is determined to dampen your spirits or fry your energy in a heatwave, it’s important that you still look fresh and on-style because – let’s face it – you never know who you’re going to bump in to.

Our Fave Pinterest Poses

These styles combine a boho chic with a comfort that will be sure to get you through the day – no matter what the conditions.

Pinterest Festival Fashion

Stacked silver and intricate filigree designs are the must-have styles this festival season – and they’re easy to recreate without breaking the bank.

Festival Jewellery Trends

Recreate the look with H.Samuel

Get in touch with nature with these stunning lightweight pendants, perfect for combining with other delicate pieces.

Festival Necklaces

Lily Charmed Silver Feather Pendant £30 5156246; Chamilia Sterling Silver Feather Necklace £50 £25 4969626; Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Angel Wing Drop Pendant £27.99 2931621

Get an instant busy stacking look with these Russian and weave design rings.

Festival Rings

Sterling Silver Intertwined Russian 3 Band Ring £24.99 6083919; Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Double Russian Band £39.99 6084168; Sterling Silver Weave Ring £39.99 8000999

Combine clean metals and subtle pearls to create the perfect summer look, ideal for a long day in the sun watching your favourite bands.

Festival Bracelets

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Set Anklet £34.99 6084915; Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl T-Bar Bracelet £39.99 9524592; Sterling Silver Herringbone Bracelet £39.99 £29.99 4419960

Festival Earrings

Chamilia Sterling Silver Fish Hook Earrings £40 £20 1396927; Lily Charmed Silver Feather Stud Earrings £25 5156335; Chamilia Infinity Earrings £40 £32 8791678

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