Ruby: Birthstone of the Month

Ruby Birthstone

Who hasn’t seen a Ruby and fallen in love with its glow? This gemstone has become famous for its colour and history. When you think of red, you think roses, you think romance and (strangely enough) danger too. You might be in danger of looking luxurious!

So here’s a quickfire list of everything you need to know about our favourite coloured jewel.

1. Know Thy Ruby

Rubies have been featured in the Bible as an example of a very precious object. This goes to show that you can even go back in time and still enjoy the finer things in life.

2. Beautiful Imperfection

Rubies actually get their colour from trace amounts of Chromium in the mineral. If these weren’t there, the stone would be completely clear.

3. BTW, I’m actually a Sapphire

Did you know both Rubies and Sapphires are from the same “family” of minerals? They’re both a material called “Corundum” but their trace amounts change how we see them.

4. An Anniversary To Celebrate

The 40th anniversary of your marriage is known as the “Ruby” anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a piece of Ruby jewellery?

5. The King of Stone

In Sanskrit, Ruby is referred to as “ratnaraj” which translates to “King of Stone.” Talk about royalty!

6. Red Means Red

The word for Ruby comes from the Latin word “Rubeus” which means…red. Who would’ve thought?

7. Colour Rules

Ruby colour hues vary, from a deep blood red to pink or even orange tone. If the pink reaches a certain threshold, it’s called a Pink Sapphire instead.

8. The Crown Jewels

Did you know the Queen’s royal state crown also features four Rubies within it? You’ll need something to balance out the Diamonds after all.

9. Scratch The Surface

Rubies are the second hardest stones after Diamonds. Only a Diamond or another Ruby can scratch a Ruby.

10. Humorous Healing

Ancient physicians believed in the Ruby’s power to heal other people by balancing out what humour or coloured energy you had within you.

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“The Ruby encloses the brilliant red of the clouds of evening...” – Charles Blanc

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