Leap Year Proposals

A lot of women think of proposals in the traditional way with the man of their dreams down on one knee with a shimmering diamond engagement ring. However, there are times when women want to show a little ‘girl power’ and make the decision to propose themselves and this February is the ideal time to do just that.

In a Leap Year it is an almost unwritten rule that women are allowed to propose to men on the 29th February, and it just so happens that 2016 is indeed a Leap Year. According to the ancient tradition, St Brigid agreed with St Patrick that women would be able to propose to men every four years in order to balance the traditional roles of men and women.

So, to keep up with the tradition, there are a lot of women who might be thinking long and hard about proposing to their boyfriends in the next few weeks. The tradition leads us to believe that it can only be done on that one day in the calendar, so there is plenty that needs to be done in the build-up to make sure that you are fully prepared when the 29th February arrives.

Some Leap Year Engagement Tips

The first task, of course, is to plan the ring and the way in which you are going to pop the big question. Some men are all for the romantic gestures even if they claim that they’re not overly romantic, while others are much more suited to the intimate gesture in a location where you’re both at ease, such as in your home.

To help you with this occasion we have exclusively designed the Titanium Diamond Marry Me Ring It’s sleek, stylish and shimmering with just the right amount of sparkle for a man’s ring, without being too flashy.

Titanium Diamond Marry Me Ring

It will really show him just how much you love him and comes engraved with ‘Marry Me 2016’ on the inside of the band so that you can both look back fondly on this Leap Year. What’s more if you propose with one of our ‘Marry Me’ rings you will receive £50 off any diamond engagement ring of £499 or above, which you can select together afterwards.

Alternatively you could add a touch of colour to their engagement ring with the Titanium Diamond Ring. Styled in a very similar way with the traditional band, this particular men’s engagement ring features a striking touch of purple and a glistening diamond located in the centre, making it the ideal choice for a man who is comfortable wearing jewellery and who wants it to stand out.

Titanium Diamond Ring

If a traditional band option isn’t quite what you’re looking for when it comes to men’s engagement rings, then you could always opt for this 9ct Yellow Seven Diamond Ring.

9ct Yellow Seven Diamond Ring

This one is certainly different to the others, and the yellow gold is complimented by a striking silver finish with seven set diamonds dotted along the band for the maximum amount of impact. How could he possibly resist?

One really good tip for a proposal is to revisit your first date. For some people this might be the kind of place that you’ve been to on several occasions since that first time, and it will therefore have sentimental value to you both.

If you’re the type of couple who goes for the big, grand, public gestures and displays of affection then you could pop the question there and then; or you could use the venue to set the scene for the evening so you can ask him to marry you in a less public location.

Alternatively, you could always try being more creative. A lot of women always imagine their boyfriend to be the kind of person who pulls out all the stops with the proposal, creating a flash-mob or making something truly unique and from the heart, such as rose petals leading you from the front door to the living room where he’s on bended knee with the ring.

If you really go the extra mile it makes for the perfect engagement story that you’ll be able to tell all of your friends and family for years to come.

For more great engagement rings for men and women, feel free to browse through the H Samuel collection. We have a range of different rings and other jewellery to help you to find the perfect fit.