Amethyst: Birthstone of the Month

Amethyst Birthstone

This deep violet gemstone has strong significance in many religious beliefs and is seen to symbolise happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth, and amethyst is also the birthstone for February. So, February babies, once you’ve learnt more about why this stone is so important, treat yourself to a beautiful piece of amethyst jewellery to celebrate the month of your birth.

But before you choose your perfect accessory, here are 10 (quite) interesting facts about this most precious of gemstones:

  1. The perfect hangover cure

    The word "amethyst" is derived from a Greek word meaning "not drunken" and the Ancient Greek tale tells of how this stone could ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and intoxication. The wearers of this precious stone were apparently able to stay clear-headed and quick-witted. That could come in handy this weekend.
  2. Fit for a king

    Due to its many purple hues, amethyst was seen being adorned by the richest and most powerful monarchs and rulers. The English monarchy loved the stone for its majestic properties - creating emblems and insignia featuring amethysts during the Middle Ages to symbolise royalty.
  3. A worldwide phenomenon

    The highest-quality amethyst stones have traditionally been found in Russia, however Brazil is now the world's primary source for this enchanting gemstone. It can also be found in many other places around the globe, including Zambia, Mexico, Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Canada and the United States.
  4. Will it make the grade?

    Due to the inconsistencies in the colour of the natural gemstone, amethyst is commonly cut into round cut stones to maximise the colour. These cut gems are graded with the terms: Siberian, Uruguayan or Bahain, representing high, medium and low-grade stones regardless of their source.
  5. Raw amethyst gemstones
  6. What does it all mean?

    Amethyst has had many meanings for different groups of people throughout history. Amethyst rings are traditionally worn by Bishops as some believe that amethyst brings good luck to petitioners. Farmers once believed that wearing amethyst would protect their crops from hailstones and locusts. And even Leonardo da Vinci believed amethyst had the power to control evil thoughts, to quicken intelligence and to make men shrewd in business matters.
  7. Dreams really do come true

    The Hebrew word for amethyst is "ahlamah", meaning "dream", as the stone was said to cause dreams and visions. It was also said that if you dream of amethyst you will be free from harm.
  8. Dreaming of amethyst
  9. Very special stones

    As well as being the birthstone for February since its adoption by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912, amethyst is also the official gem for Wednesday, Jupiter and those born under the sign of Pisces. Amethyst can also be given as a gift to celebrate 4th, 6th and 7th wedding anniversaries.
  10. Green with envy

    A rare dark green variety of quartz called prasiolite is often called green amethyst - even though it is not amethyst in colour or mineral make-up.
  11. Healing properties

    Throughout history amethyst has been seen to have many healing properties including to help with: hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pains, as well as helping to stabilise mental disorders.
  12. Hot stuff!

    Most amethyst sold today are heat treated in order to deepen the colour. Heat treating is permanent, meaning the colour of these stones will not fade over time.

Pinterest Inspiration

The people of Pinterest are helping bring this deep purple gemstone into the 21st century and finding new and interesting ways to style the variety of purple hues of amethyst to suit any modern interior, outdoor space or style. Whether this is using the raw stone as an interior ornament, adding the fresh scent of lavender to your garden, or adorning these gorgeous rings in a unique stacking style, the stunning purple of the amethyst stone will give you an individual and interesting style.

Pinterest Amethyst Inspiration

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