An Exclusive Interview with Emmy Scarterfield of Emmy London

Emmy London

Emmy Scarterfield is the UK bridal designer and creative director of the luxury shoe and accessories brand Emmy London. Emmy’s designs are quintessentially British with a loyal celebrity clientele including Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

We love her diamond jewellery collection which was launched exclusively with us earlier this year! The diamond jewellery and rings are delicately detailed with a hidden diamond in each piece, giving it a really personal feel - perfect for wedding jewellery and engagement rings.

It was a great pleasure to interview Emmy. We talked about all things wedding and jewellery and even got to know a bit about Emmy’s personal life.

How did you get into design, did you always want to be a designer?

Absolutely, I always loved art and making things, so it was a really natural path to become a designer. I always feel really lucky that I knew from a young age exactly what I wanted to become, so it was more of a case of making it happen rather than a discovery of what it could lead to. My passion for art and design and my fascination with shoes directed me to study at the prestigious Cordwainers College where I learnt everything there is to know about making and designing shoes and accessories.

How did the Emmy London brand come about?

Emmy London was born out of a light bulb moment 12 years ago. I was always very determined to create my own luxury brand. Having grown up in the home village of super brand Mulberry it was never a daunting aspiration for me, but having worked for some of the best fashion houses in Milan I knew it had to have a point of difference, a niche to be financially viable.

A good friend had just got engaged, and naturally she asked my advice on shoes – we embarked on what initially seemed like an exciting day of girly shopping to find ‘the ones’, but soon found that the offer of bridal shoes was far from exciting or inspiring. Alas, I discovered a gap in the market.

Back then I was designing and following production of runway shoes for big fashion houses which meant lots of solo travelling in Italy, Spain and Portugal. During one of these trips I wrote, re-wrote and re-worked a business plan based on my light bulb moment and I promised myself that if I still thought it was a good idea when I landed back in London, I’d go for it! Six months later I launched with 5 styles and a bespoke made to order concept, running the business single handily and since then it has grown organically from strength to strength. I now run the business with my husband Dickie, a great team and we have achieved amazing things way beyond my initial business plan.

Emmy London- Sketch and design

We love your designs! Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from all directions, but never shoes! I’m drawn to the intricacies of insect wings, architecture and the repetition of tiles. Some of my designs have been inspired by chairs, an umbrella and an old cushion. I sketch a lot; in fact it’s my preferred method of communication. I always have one on the go and it’s never far from me, I have a whole book shelf of old ones at home….all scruffy with bits and bobs added to pages. My last collection was inspired by a holiday in the Italian lakes, the walk to the local shop wound through lanes punctuated with glorious Italian gates with foliage growing in between the geometric patterns.

We know you started off as a designer of wedding shoes, what got you interested in jewellery designing?

I’ve always loved jewellery; my late grandmother, who I was very close to and shared many passions with, was an avid collector of art deco jewellery. I have fond memories of sifting through her box of delights when I was young. I have inherited some of the pieces and my girls now spark the same delight when I say they can go through the box and try the pieces on. My design style and ethos is very much suited to the detail rather than larger scale pieces. The Emmy London brand is all about the little touches so adding jewellery seemed like a natural addition to our collection, although I was keen to partner with the experts. When H.Samuel approached me shortly after my Grandmother passed away, it felt like the perfect timing.

Emmy London shouldered ring

What are your favourite pieces from your new Emmy London jewellery lines?

I absolutely love the tiara inspired pieces, they are beautiful, delicate, sophisticated and couldn’t be more perfect for the Emmy brand.

Emmy London Tiara ring

Outside of designing stunning wedding shoes and jewellery what do you enjoy doing?

When I get the chance I really love to escape everything, my idea of heaven is just indulging in the simple things, eating good food, lighting a fire, being outside and having time to make memories with my twin girls Alice and Beatrice.

What is your favourite jewellery trend at the moment?

I’m loving rose gold and stacking right now.

Do you have any tips for brides-to-be on picking their wedding dress?

Less is always more. You can add your personal touch with accessories. Stick to a style that you love and you know works for you. Your wedding day is your chance to be the very best you, don’t try and reinvent yourself……your partner loves you for being you.

What would your ideal wedding be like?

10 years of marriage later, I absolutely loved our winter wedding but now I’d have an outdoor, low key family celebration in the summer with outside dining, ribbons in trees, cushions on the floor and live music.

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