An Essential Guide to Weddings: How to Choose Engagement and Wedding Rings

It’s said that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and for that reason you always want the day to be remembered. There are so many parts to a wedding day: from the breakfast and getting dressed for the big event, to the moment you exchange your wedding rings and the reception afterwards – and of course, the honeymoon.

For some people their wedding day can be very stressful if they’re not fully prepared for the big event, while others are nervous for their own reasons! While the nerves are inevitable because of the occasion, there are a lot of factors that you can control right from the moment you get engaged.

Choosing an engagement ring is the first major consideration and it’s vital that you get your choice right. Of course, the ring needs to fit but it also needs to be the kind of ring that your bride-to-be will love. You also need to think long and hard about the proposal – where will you propose, when will you propose, have you asked your partner's parents for permission (a very traditional request)?

Engagement Rings- and different styles- 3 in a row

From that point onwards it all builds up to the wedding day. Choosing your outfits, booking the venue, creating a seating plan and, of course, choosing your wedding rings. These are the rings that you will be wearing for the duration of your marriage so you need to ensure that you are both completely happy with the material, the style and the fit.

Once you’ve got all of that arranged you can relax a bit more and focus on enjoying your big day. To help you to reach that point we’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can plan for your wedding day from choosing an engagement ring to the proposal and finally choosing a wedding ring.

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Growing up, a lot of people dream about their engagement rings. They picture the glistening diamond engagement ring presented to them by their partner on bended knee, but for men it can be much more stressful. You need to ensure that you choose an engagement ring that fits– but how do you do that?

One great way is to borrow a ring that your partner isn’t wearing and to use this as a guide. You can either download our ring sizing chart from our website, or visit us in any of our stores and we will be able to tell you the size of the ring, making it easier for you to work out which one you need.

From here you need to focus on the style and the stone. Diamond engagement rings are a stunning piece of jewellery and, as mentioned, the kind that many dream about. We have a range of beautiful diamond engagement rings in a variety of styles, including the 18ct white gold half carat princess cut diamond ring and the incredible Emmy London platinum half-carat diamond solitaire ring shown here.

Emmy London platinum half-carat diamond solitaire ring

Both are stunning diamond engagement rings and the kind that any girl would find hard to resist – especially the Emmy London engagement ring, which features 11 striking diamonds and another secret diamond located in the band.

Before you make your purchase, however, it may be worth looking at her range of rings to check that you are choosing the right style. Every woman has her own sense of style and they might favour yellow gold over white gold, for example.

The Proposal

Having chosen the perfect engagement ring, it’s time to think long and hard about the proposal. This isn’t something that you can do off the cuff, although spontaneity can bring out the best in a lot of people as it is truly from the heart.

With the engagement ring in your pocket, taking your loved one to a place that is special to you both can help to form the perfect location. It could be the restaurant where you had your first date, a city that has sentimental value to you as a couple or a picturesque spot in the countryside.

Having set the scene you can start to plan your words carefully, working out exactly what you want to say and then getting down on bended knee to pop the question with the perfect engagement ring.

Selecting your Wedding Rings

While the proposal and the choice of engagement ring is something you have to think about yourself, choosing wedding rings is a much less stressful event as you can do this together. You can personally select your own styles and sizes so that you know they are going to fit when you exchange them at the altar.

You can choose from an exclusive range of his and hers wedding rings that complement each other as perfectly as you do as a couple; or you can make your choice from a wider range of ring styles. In terms of men’s wedding rings you can choose between simple solid bands or a ring that features a subtle stone for your own touch of sparkle.

Wedding rings for women can also be subtly styled, but we particularly like the spectacular Emmy London wedding rings, especially this Emmy London platinum one-fifth carat diamond ring that features a number of sparkling diamonds.

Emmy London Platinum 1/5 Carat Diamond Ring

For something slightly more special, we also have a range of bridal ring sets to choose from so that you can choose an engagement ring and wedding ring that complement each other. Of course, this means that you may have to choose both rings yourself – creating that extra stress over the size and style – but then your partner will have two incredible rings to wear together.

Our bridal ring sets are available in a variety of classic designs and high quality materials including white gold, silver and platinum with a choice of beautiful stones.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most special event of their lives, so let H. Samuel help you choose the perfect engagement and wedding rings for the occasion.

Browse our range of engagement rings, bridal ring sets and wedding rings online or visit us in any of our stores for help, and then share your special moments with us on our Facebook page!