Opal: Birthstone of the Month

Opal: Birthstone of the Month

Opals are rather unique gemstones. They don’t resemble many of the traditional gemstones we’re most familiar with and tend to look more like Mystic Meg's crystal ball than a precious stone.

We've looked into the future and have predicted that your friends will be impressed by these pearlescently perfect facts, myths and legends about the birthstone for the month of October:

  1. Rulers and royalty often wore the opals to guard their power and ensure their safety. These stones were placed in their crowns to protect themselves from enemies and ward off evil. Would you believe, opals were even ground up and consumed to protect an individual from nightmares and evil spirits! Now opals are known to bring about happiness and confidence for the wearer.
  2. Opal is (supposedly) formed from rain. There is some conjecture on how this precious gemstone forms, but many believe it is formed when water from rain seeps down into crevasses in the rock. Once the water evaporates, the silica that is left behind dries out and hardens into precious opal.
  3. Opals are most commonly found in white, however within these white opals there is a rainbow-like iridescence which changes the colours that appear in the stone depending on the angle it is viewed at giving the opal a crystal ball look. This is called the ‘Play of colour’, which is stronger, the better the opal.
  4. Opal birthstone - crystal ball
  5. There are other different types of opals which you probably didn’t know about. Mainly you can find opals in white, but you may find black opals, fire opals and crystal opals. Both the white and black variety have the play of colour attribute, but fire opals do not.
  6. Opal is around a 5.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is quite soft. So, you should be extra careful with it, as the softer opals can be porous. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean it, simply wipe with a damp cloth. If you will not be wearing your opal jewellery for a while, store it in a small plastic bag with a wet napkin so it doesn’t dry out and crack.
  7. Opals on Mars: Several years ago in 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opal deposits on Mars! Since opal is made up of mostly water this means that Mars may have been wet for billions of years than previously thought which indicates it may have supported life. That is out of this world!
  8. Opals have been found in space
  9. Opallios is the Greek word for Opals meaning To see a change of colour. The Roman word for Opal is Opalus meaning precious stone. The ancient Greeks believed that opals were formed from the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the titans, and that the opal bestowed prophetic powers.
  10. Australia produces around 95% of the worlds opals. The majority of this opal is white opal from the fields of Coober Pedy in South Australia. Crikey!
  11. Opals are commonly found in Coober Pedy in South Australia
  12. Australian native aborigines tell stories of opal being the footprint of our creator that touched the earth at the base of a rainbow to bring harmony.
  13. Most civilizations see opal as a lucky stone. There have been some exceptions to this including an English writer in the 1800’s and other gemstone marketers have said that Opal is bad luck in their industry. But now Opal is even considered a talisman in some countries and a status symbol to own in others.

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All colours of the rainbow can be seen in an opal gemstone - and with that in mind the people of Pinterest have shown us all the way to make this mystical multi-coloured stone work for any style.

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