H.Samuel Glossary

H.Samuel Glossary of terms

4 C's
Characteristics by which a diamond is graded and categorised. The 4C's are: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight.
Made from fossilised tree resin, Amber is known for its unique translucent colour, ranging in shade from honey-yellow to orange and brown.
Alarm clocks
Alarm clocks can be analogue or digital and made from a variety of materials. They are normal clocks that can be used to set alarms to wake you up or to be used as reminders.
A metal used in the manufacture of watches and jewellery.
A transparent precious gemstone, pale violet to purple in colour and a member of the quartz family.
A special day that commemorates and celebrates a past event that occurs on the same day every year, such as a wedding or birthday.
A transparent gemstone that is light blue or sea green in colour and belongs to the beryl family of gemstones.
A type of stone cut into a long rectangular shape and has a distinctly vintage feel most often found with diamonds.
Bangle Watch
A watch with a decorative strap that resembles a bangle. Bangle watches can be delicate and simple or ornate and jewelled.
A circular jewellery item worn around the wrist, often made from stiff metal and available in a variety of widths and colours.
A modern watch feature that measures pressure in the atmosphere and can detect changes in the weather. Particularly popular in sport watches.
A battery is the power cell used to run watches. Sometimes they can be recharged by mechanisms such as Kinetic or Eco Drive.
Small ornamental objects, usually round, with a hole through the middle for stringing into a necklace, bracelet or other jewellery item. May be made from a range of materials, including glass, stone, ceramic, wood and plastic.
Belly Bars
A slightly curved bar with a bead on one or both ends, worn on the navel as a belly piercing. Also known as barbell style jewellery.
A bezel is the rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel, watch crystal, lens or other object.
Bonded Gold
A layer of gold which is mechanically fused on sterling silver.
Box Chains
A chain made up of square links that connect to form a smooth, box-shaped pattern.
Body Jewellery
Decorative jewellery most commonly used for body piercings. Body jewellery may come in stud or barbell style and can be either simple or decorative.
Bracelet Watch
A watch with a strap made from separate, flexible metallic or plastic links, like an ornamental bracelet. Links may be added or removed to adjust the watch size.
A circular flexible band worn around the wrist, which may be made from beads, links or charms which can always be attached afterwards.
Bridal gifts
When a couple gets married it is traditional for the wedding guests to buy them gifts to celebrate their wedding. Sometimes the happy couple will also buy gifts for their wedding party called favours.
Bridal party
Your bridal party are the most important people at your wedding (apart from the bride and groom!) They will hopefully support you during the planning process and make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day, so it’s important to choose people you can trust and that they know exactly what’s expected of them.
Bridal Sets
A matched set of two or more rings - an engagement ring and wedding ring(s) - made to look like one item of jewellery, which fits together for ultimate comfort.
A decorative pin that may be fastened to a garment or jacket as a special accessory.
Brooches are decorative items of jewellery for women. Crafted from a wide variety of materials, brooches are pinned to a wearers clothing.
Buckle Watches
A buckle is a standard watch fastener, usually made from metal and attached to a watch strap with a spring bar.
Buyer's Guides
A document offering guidance on how to make your purchase - for example, on buying a wedding or engagement ring, or on differentiating between different types of gold.
Carat (Diamond)
A carat measures the weight of a diamond. Written as CT and each carat is divided into 100 points e.g. 0.50 points = 0.50CT.
Carat (Gold)
Carats identify how much pure gold can be found in one item of jewellery - for example, 24K (carat) gold is pure gold 9kt gold is 375 parts per 1000 gold with 625 parts made up of other mixed metals.
An inorganic, non-metallic solid used to create decorative wares and figurines.
A jewellery brand specialising in customisable, personalised pieces and handcrafted beads made from Italian Murano glass, coloured stones, gold and sterling silver.
Charm Bracelets
A unique bracelet decorated with personalised pendants, or charms, expressing everything from the wearer's style to interests.
Small beads or pendants made from gold, sterling silver, glass or coloured stones, each with their own special significance, combined to personalise necklaces, watches or bracelets.
China is another name for porcelain which is created, usually, from clay in very hot ovens called kilns.
A Christian baptism ceremony where family and friends come together to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, often marked with special gifts, such as jewellery, and a blessing.
Christening gifts
Christening gifts are gift given to the child and parents when a child is Christened. Traditional gifts include silver spoons and pewter drinking mugs, although these days any gift is acceptable.
A chronograph watch is one that has a stopwatch function and can accurately measure intervals of time, even fractions of a second. Chronographs can be mechanical, automatic or quartz.
Civil ceremony
A civil registrar ceremony is a non-religious legal marriage ceremony performed by a government official or functionary. In the UK, this person is normally called a registrar. In the UK, a civil registrar ceremony cannot include hymns, religious readings or prayers, and the marriage must take place at a registered or licensed venue to be legally valid. Many private premises are licensed to hold civil ceremonies. As well as each party to the marriage signing the register, signatures of two witnesses are also required.
A traditional Irish ring given to signify love, marriage or friendship, originating from the fishing village of Claddagh near Galway.
Clarity (Diamond)
Indicates the number of internal flaws (inclusions) within a diamond.
A clock is a timepiece that is wall mounted or stands up and can be placed on a sideboard, mantel piece or table.
A setting in which one large gem stone is surrounded by several smaller stones or pearls, often found on rings , pendants and earrings.
A hard metal with a lustrous silver or grey colour that is often compared to platinum. Highly scratch resistant and does not chip, ideal for jewellery.
Coins are collectible if they are Limited Edition, rare or exclusive releases. Often used to celebrate special occasion.
An object or figure regarded as being of value to a collector, or suitable to be given as a gift. Often Limited Edition or exclusive. May mark a special occasion, like an anniversary or Royal wedding.
Colour (Diamond)
A scale devised to regulate the colour of diamonds, which ranges from D, E and F (colourless) to S-Z (light yellow).
Costume jewellery
Costume jewellery was originally intended to be affordable jewellery that was worn with specific outfits to match the fashions of the time.
Court Shape Wedding Rings
Wedding rings shaped so that they are rounded on the inside and on the outside.
The crown was the name of the watch part on a hand watch that was turned to wind it up. It now mostly used to start stopwatches or reset the time.
A cross-shaped pendant traditionally worn on a necklace chain, sometimes indicating religious devotion or affiliation. Sometimes embellished with the figure of Jesus.
Is a man made stone and has a higher density and purity than glass, often used in jewellery and figures.
Cubic Zirconia
A popular synthetic gemstone used in all kinds of jewellery with the look and feel of a diamond, though considerably less expensive.
Cuff Watch
A stylish and contemporary watch style that may be slipped on to the wrist or fastened with a traditional buckle.
A traditional men's jewellery item that fastens the buttonholes on a long-sleeved shirt, and may be plain button-like objects or decorative.
Cultured Pearls
Pearls are produced by oysters. Cultured pearls are still authentic pearls, however humans assist in the process by implanting the 'irritant' (a 'Mother-of-Pearl') into the oyster causing the pearl sac to form and eventually a pearl is created.
Curb Chains
A classic chain style with inter-locking links available in a variety of widths.
May refer to both the shape and quality of a diamond. Popular cuts include brilliant round diamond, cushion diamond and princess cut diamond.
Day date function
A mechanism on a watch which tells the wearer what day of the week it is.
A dial is the face of a watch which hold the watch hands, date function and numbers for telling the time.
An elegant precious stone. A popular stone for engagement rings, diamonds are often used as a symbol of love and devotion.
Diamond Earrings
Diamond-adorned jewellery, which may take the form of studs, hoops or drop earrings.
Diamond Rings
A circular band worn around the finger with a diamond set in the centre or around the circumference, usually worn by women as a wedding or engagement ring.
Founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, Walt Disney Productions established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and travel.
Dog tags
A flat, rectangular pendant attached to a necklace chain and sometimes engraved with personal details i.e. name, inspired by dog tags issued to soldiers for identification.
D-shape wedding rings
A traditional style of wedding ring that is flat on the inside but rounded on the outside.
Earrings come in a variety of styles including studs and hoops, and are made with both precious metals and gemstones.
Eco drive
Eco Drive is a watch mechanism invented by Citizen that uses all light sources to charge the battery allowing for a longer battery life
A precious stone which is green in colour, can be transparent to cloudy in appearance and belongs to the beryl family of gemstones.
A proposal to marry or the period between a proposal and a wedding, often marked by a diamond engagement ring or other item of jewellery as a token of commitment.
Engagement Rings
A special ring that symbolises the love and lasting commitment between a couple. Traditionally the man proposes to the woman, but in recent years we have seen an increase in women proposing to men.
A personalised inscription such as a name, short message or important date is engraved onto an item of jewellery, watch or gift.
Eternity Rings
A ring given to symbolise eternal love, usually made from a precious metal and set with gemstones.
Expander Watch
A watch bracelet which is designed to expand and slip over the hand onto the wrist with no need for a clasp.
Fob Watches
An old fashioned pocket watch mounted on a short strap rather than a long chain.
Photo frames are used to hold and protect photos. Sometimes decorative they can be made from a wide variety of materials.
Freshwater Pearls
A pearl harvested from a freshwater mollusc, which is generally more affordable than pearls harvested from oysters which live in seawater
A precious stone made from a mineral that is known to be rare, valuable and beautiful in appearance and is often set in jewellery. Popular gemstones include diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby.
Gift Cards
A card or voucher of monetary value purchased from a retailer, which can be exchanged for items from that store.
Murano Glass
Murano glass is produced on the Venetian island of murano. It comes in many beautiful colours, shapes, and sizes.
A bright, soft precious metal popular in jewellery of all kinds that is measured in carats and well-known for its malleable and flexible qualities.
Gold Buying
A practice by which gold is bought, often in the form of jewellery, and exchanged for a cash value dependent on the current market rate.
Gold Earrings
Jewellery worn through ear piercings, which may be made from pure gold or an alloy, and can be found in a range of shapes and sizes.
Gold Plated
A base metal with a thin-layer of gold applied to the surface, which may be marked "gold-plated."
Gold Watch
A watch whose face and/or strap is composed wholly or partly of gold or gold-plated materials.
Herringbone Chains
A style of chain that is formed together by v shapes links. The thin herringbone strands may be twisted or even plaited together to create a different look, that lies flat against the skin.
Hip Flask
A small, pocket-sized flask used for storing distilled spirits. Traditionally made from silver or pewter and may be engraved.
A precious metal that has been moulded into a rectangular block shape, stamped with hallmark and usually worn as a pendant.
Initial Jewellery
Jewellery, usually a pendant or a ring, that has been engraved or shaped to be a letter.
Jewellery boxes
Jewellery boxes are crafted in a wide variety of materials and allow you to store your jewellery safely and to protect it from tarnishing or damage.
Jewellery Sets
Two or more pieces of matching jewellery that are sold together and can be worn together - for example, a set of earrings and a necklace.
Kimberley Process
The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is designed to certify the origins of diamonds and establish whether they are attached to conflicts related to diamond production.
Kinetic is a watch mechanism invented by Seiko that uses the wearers motion to charge the battery allowing for a longer battery life.
Leather Watch
A wrist-watch with a leather strap, usually fastened by a metal buckle.
Link Chains
A chain made from connected metal links, designed to be worn around the neck or wrist - for example, a smooth box chain or flat curb chain.
A pendant worn around the neck that can be opened and often contains miniature photographs, inscriptions or keepsakes.
A style of cut used for gemstones, having a boat shaped profile with two pointed ends.
Medical jewellery
An identification tag shaped like jewellery that makes medical personnel aware of an important condition or illness suffered from by the wearer.
Men's chains and bracelets
Jewellery worn by men around the neck or wrist.
Men's Engagement Rings
Men's engagement rings can be used for a woman to propose to her man, or to signify that a man is engaged. Men's engagement rings are growing in popularity and are sometimes called Mengagement rings.
Mineral crystal
This is composed of several elements that are heat treated to create an unusual hardness that aids in resisting scratches.
Money boxes
Great gifts for children, money boxes can come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and often feature favourite cartoon characters and images.
A watch dial that features a moonphase calendar indicating the current moon phase.
Mother of Pearl
The shiny iridescent coating from the inside of oyster shells, used to coat jewellery, buttons, decorative plates and other items.
Multi dial
A watch that has a number of sub-dials on the main dial. Mostly used for day, date, stopwatch and seconds.
A chain worn around the neck, with or without an attached pendant. Available in a range of sizes, from tight-fitting chokers to long, dangling rope necklaces.
A semi-precious stone usually pearl or blue-ish in colour, which may sometimes appear luminous. The Opal is the birthstone for the month of October.
Part of the platinum family. A durable light-grey metal used in the production of jewellery and which is related to platinum. Palladium is particularly popular as a metal for wedding rings.
Organic gemstones grown naturally in oysters and some other molluscs (like mussels). Cultured pearls, freshwater pearls and natural pearls are all used in jewellery. Amongst the oldest of gems, the pearl is unique as the only gem created by a living creature; it also requires no polishing to reveal its beauty.
Pearl Necklace
A necklace made entirely out of pearls strung together on a string or a chain, which may be a short choker or a long chain that needs to be wound around the neck several times.
An ornament that hangs from a necklace which may be detached and reattached to a chain.
Perpetual calendar
Is a watch mechanism that allows the watch to display the correct date taking into account months with 30, 31 and 28 days and leap years.
Pens are used for writing and can be fountain pens, ball point or felt tip.
Personalised Jewellery
Jewellery that is custom-made or custom engraved to include a person's name, initials, medical conditions or a message of love, and reflect the wearer's unique style.
A metal alloy usually composed of a mix of tin, antimony lead, bismuth, copper and silver, which has a silvery shine when polished and is used in making jewellery and tankards.
Photo albums
Photo albums are used to safely store and protect your favourite photographs and to put them in the order that you want for future browsing.
A strong precious metal that is white in colour, produces hard-wearing, sturdy jewellery and is heavier than gold.
Platinum Plated
Jewellery which is covered by a thin sheet of platinum, by the process known as electro plating.
Pocket Watches
A watch attached to a long chain that is usually kept in a pocket and was widespread until the wristwatch became popular after World War I.
A delicate material made from fine clay that has been fired in a kiln up to 2000 F (1093 C) and covered with an ornate glass glaze. Often used to make special collectables and figurines.
Precious Metals
A rare material that is formed naturally within the earth and is of high monetary value - for example, gold, silver and platinum.
A square cut stone and a popular shape for diamonds, also known as a Quadrillion or Squarillion cut.
It derives from the Scottish Gaelic cuach meaning a cup
Religious Jewellery
Jewellery that signifies a religious affiliation or commitment - for example, a crucifix-shaped pendant worn on a necklace.
A substance that resembles liquid plastic that hardens when treated and is used to make unique, colourful collectible figurines.
Rhodium Plated
Rhodium is closely related to the palladium and platinum family. A white precious metal - applied to the surface of jewellery to give a lustrous white finish.
Ring Sizing
The formal method of determining what size ring will fit the wearer's finger. The ring sizing chart in the UK is alphabetical; in the US and Europe, sizes are numerical.
Circular bands which may be made from a precious metal and can be worn on one finger or several fingers by both women and men.
Rolled Gold
The process by which a thin layer of gold is applied to a base metal, heated together and then rolled into a thin sheet to make jewellery.
Rose Gold
Rose gold is made when copper is alloyed with yellow gold so that a delightful rosy red tint appears in the finished gold. Called rose, red or pink gold this is a popular and fashionable gold colour.
A precious stone identified by its iconic deep red colour to pale pinks. Rubies belong to the corundum family of gemstones and are harder than all other gems except diamonds.
Saint Christopher
A martyr venerated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, whose image is commonly worn on pendants and medallions.
A precious gemstone commonly known for its distinctive shades of blue colour but can be seen in shades of yellows, oranges and green. Belongs to the corundum family of gems and is popular in both everyday jewellery and engagement rings.
Semi Bracelet Watch
A watch with a flexible, metallic bracelet strap that is set with semi-precious stones, either around the watch face or along the bracelet.
A fine metal used in jewellery making with a white, lustrous grey or silver colour.
Silver Bracelets
A circular ornament worn around the wrist and composed of a silver link chain or a smooth band of silver.
Silver Plated
Jewellery composed where a thin layer of silver applied to the surface through the process of electroplating.
Snake Chains
A metal chain made up of small, linked cups.
Solar power is the use of sunlight to charge power cells and batteries, used in watches and electrical goods.
A ring set with a sole eye-catching stone, commonly a diamond.
Solitaire Engagement Rings
A ring set with a single diamond, traditionally worn by a woman to mark a proposal and signify lasting love and commitment.
Stainless Steel
A steel alloy that does not corrode or rust like ordinary steel, making it ideal for the production of long-lasting jewellery.
Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is the name of the purity of silver usually used in jewellery and silverware. Sterling silver is an alloy 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is slightly harder than pure silver.
Stud Earrings
A gem or ornately shaped metal attached to the end of a bar and fastened to the back of the ear, which sits on the earlobe rather than dangling below it.
Synthetic Crystal
This is the most expensive and durable, approximately 3 times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals.
Swarovski crystal
Swarovski is the brand name for a range of cut crystal. To create crystal glass that lets light refract in a rainbow spectrum, Swarovski coats some of its products with special metallic chemical coatings.
Swarovski Zirconia
Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cuts for Zirconia are truly cuts above the rest - the exact symmetry and proportions of the cuts maximize brilliance and make Swarovski Zirconia the finest and most diamond-like Zirconia available on the market. Each stone is crafted to meet the most stringent criteria of quality, size, shape and cut using the most sophisticated technology based on Swarovski's special cutting know-how.

Every single Pure Brilliance Zirconia is marked with a microscopic engraving that is completely invisible to the naked eye. The laser-engraved quality seal serves as your assurance that you are acquiring stones of highest precision and brilliance meeting the cutting standards of the high-quality diamond industry.
A large drinking cup with a handle and sometimes a hinged lid. Made from silver or pewter and can bear a personalised engraving.
Three-Colour Gold
Jewellery made from a combination of yellow, white and rose gold, usually but not always in equal proportion.
Titanium is a lustrous white metal with a low density, great strength and resistance to erosion often used in making men's jewellery, such as rings and watches. Titanium has a light weight feel.
A hard gemstone that can be found in a range of colours, including yellow, orange, blue and pink.
Jewellery composed of a three-gemstone setting, usually three diamonds. Trilogy settings are most common on rings but may also be found on pendants and earrings.
A hard, rare metal often used in jewellery-making as an alternative to gold and platinum.
Jewellery or watches that feature two different coloured metals, i.e. yellow gold item where sections have been rhodium plated to give the appearance of two colour gold.
Two-Colour Gold
Jewellery made from two types of gold, for example yellow and white gold or yellow and rose gold.
Items, including jewellery and watches that are suitable to be worn by men and women.
Wallets are traditionally used by men, but more and more women now use wallets rather than purses. Used to contain money, cash and business cards and credit cards. Larger wallets can hold passports.
A time-piece that may have an analogue or digital clock face and is commonly worn around the wrist, or sometimes carried inside the pocket. Primarily used for telling the time watches can also feature stop watches, tachymeter, calendars and moon phases.
water resistant
Water resistance is a measure of a watches ability to withstand water damage. Usually measured in metres it can also be measured in isobars and pressure.
Wedding Band
A metallic ring worn on the left hand ring finger that shows the wearer is married. Wedding bands are often plain gold or silver and may be jewelled.
Wedding gifts
When a couple get married it is traditional for the wedding guests to buy them gifts to celebrate their wedding. Sometimes the happy couple will also buy gifts for their wedding party called favours.
Wedding Rings
A ring worn on the left hand ring finger by men and women as a symbol of love and commitment to indicate their marital status. A wedding ring symbolises the eternal nature of the wearers love.
A ceremony to celebrate the marriage and union of two people, often marked by the exchange of wedding rings.
White Gold
Very popular white metal which is made from pure gold and a mix of metals to provide a whiter colour e.g. silver, nickel, palladium, platinum.
Jewellery moulded to emulate the Y-shape wishbone found in birds, and a popular mould for rings.
Yellow Gold
Gold that has been alloyed (mixed) with other metals such as silver and copper.
A metal that is silvery in appearance and is a popular choice in jewellery-making thanks to its durable and corrosion-resistant qualities.